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48min hermitcrabbb
Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb Delosperma cooperi aka the trailing ice plant or pink carpet. This is a not so well known psychedelic plant but it has chemicals not found in many other places.

Most surprising is that it contains 5-HO-DMT which is really close to 4-HO-DMT which is psilocin. 5-HO-DMT is more commonly called bufotenin and is found in many mushroom species, toad species, and some higher plant species.

It also has 5-MeO-DMT in it which comes from toads and several species of salamander as well.
It's reported to also have NMT and DMT. It is said to be most potent to harvest in the heat of the summer in the middle of the day when the plant is in extreme heat. #delosperma #cooperi #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #psychedelic #hallucinogen #trichocereus #peyote #spring #science
  •   psychedelicphoenix Can I haz a cutting pweeease!!!! :3 42min
  •   n_w0rd 4-ho-met is my personal favorite! @hermitcrabbb would you say its similar? 38min
  •   hermitcrabbb @n_w0rd from what I hear it feels like almost exactly the same thing. Wink wink. But you see its different from mushrooms because there is not much psilocin in mushrooms 36min
  •   holypsybird Oh wow this is active? Awesome! Is it strong enough to eat or does it need to be extracted? 32min
  •   hermitcrabbb @holypsybird it has some different nasty things in it that need to be pulled 30min
  •   luckcactus Apart from attracting stoners, do youth know what the biological purpose if those chemicals is? 22min
  •   hermitcrabbb @luckcactus to keep things from eating it I believe. And things that do eat it end up tripping and forgetting where the food source was or deturing them from eating it 11min

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cloudaviator Cannabis for Fuel
Nearly all plant matter, biomass, can be converted into methane, methanol or gasoline at a fraction of the current cost of petrol production from crude oil. Also when you consider the environmental devastation that is caused by the processing, transportation and burning of fossil fuels, the use of clean burning biomass fuels makes perfect sense.
As Hemp is such a high yielder of biomass, it makes an excellent choice for biomass fuels, providing as it does four times or more the yields that other sources provide.
The main byproduct of burning Hemp bio-fuels is Carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by the growing plants and converted into life giving oxygen.
Using a pyrolitic convertor where Hemp is distilled off into various fuel types, leaves a charcoal residue which can then be put back onto the land making for a carbon negative fuel.

Prior to alcohol prohibition in the US, farmers would grew Hemp, and turn the hurds into clean burning ethanol, providing for the fuel needs of America in a local, sustainable way.

Not only can Hemp ethanol be used to run internal combustion engines, but Hemp seed oil can also be used to run Diesel engines.
It is also possible to use the stalks as they are, or compress them into solid fuel blocks, and then burn them in a stove or open fire. And don’t forget that as they burn the CO2 is absorbed by the growing Hemp plants and converted into oxygen, thus making a carbon neutral fuel.


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cloudaviator This pup really likes to medicate, what other dog do u know has their own weed plants? Lol


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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb How can it still be illegal?
University of Arizona had a study if medicinal cannabis and it's effects on PTSD and it was the only cannabis health study in america. It's funding was just pulled and the lead lady in charge was fired for whatever reason.

I won't pretend to know the details but how can the government sit there and tell millions of patients "sorry cannabis is illegal" when it has been 100% proven to treat hundreds of health issues
Canibinoids aka CBDs along are now being legalized state by state for numerous health uses. But still not on a federal level which makes actually getting CBD oils hard as hell.

But there are still more states without medical cannabis than ones that have it.
When will the ignorance end. #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #mescaline #musthave #psychedelic #hallucinogen #rare #trichocereus #peyote #spring #science #botany #DMT
  •   hermitcrabbb @addison4200 not to mention violent crime rates have dropped 5% and tons of other benefits 3h
  •   dannyearl What is the chemistry behind the gibberellic acid? Sounds like a mad scientists secret weapon 2h
  •   hermitcrabbb @dannyearl GA was first identified in Japan in 1935, as a metabolic byproduct of the plant pathogenGibberella fujikuroi (thus the name), which afflicts rice plants; fujikuroi-infected plants develop bakanae ("foolish seedling"), which causes them to grow so much taller than normal that they die from no longer being sturdy enough to support their own weight.[citation needed]

    Gibberellins have a number of effects on plant development. They can stimulate rapid stem and root growth, induce mitotic divisionin the leaves of some plants, and increase seed germination rate.

    Gibberellic acid is sometimes used in laboratory and greenhouse settings to triggergermination in seeds that would otherwise remain dormant.[1] It is also widely used in the grape-growing industry as a hormone to induce the production of larger bundles and bigger grapes, especially Thompson seedlessgrapes. In the Okanagan and Creston valleys, it is also used as a growth replicator in the cherry industry. It is used on Clementine Mandarin oranges, which may otherwise cross-pollinate with other citrus and grow undesirable seeds. Applied directly on the blossoms as a spray, it allows for Clementines to produce a full crop of fruit without seeds. 2h
  •   hermitcrabbb From wiki 2h
  •   ptglolol I think the reasons why the cannabis plant os illegal has more to do with hemp. While i am a fan of all the beauties of cbd from cannabis, hemp would destroy some big businesses and build new ones. Gas, textiles, plastics and all these other materials and products can be made from just this one plant! It is truly a miracle plant! 25min
  •   plant_n_prosper When overpopulation ends 14min
  •   plant_n_prosper Sadly 14min
  •   plant_n_prosper They know damn well it cures cancer... but then they wouls have more to control 13min

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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb Been sitting here trying to figure out what was growing in my hylocereus cactus pot and I finally figured out it was dream herb.

I recycle my dirt so when a batch of dream herb seeds failed I mixed it back into soil to use. I'm just going to leave them both there because they are both from central and south America.. Just good to know my dream herb is not going to waste. I have three pits with dream herb and some in the ground.
Should be able to get a food harvest soon. #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #musthave #psychedelic #hallucinogen #rare #trichocereus #peyote #spring #science #botany

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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb God I love aztekium ritteri flowers. I have gotten to see so many this year when only a few months ago I had never seen or owned a ritteri.

Many wait 10 to 25 years before ever seeing a ritteri reach flowering size. It feels nice to cheat and buy an adult specimen every once in a while. I'm glad it has given me so many flowers and hopefully seeds.

As for anyone wanting seeds I have like 60 right now but honestly they are so tricky to grow unless you really know what you are doing I don't suggest getting them. They are smaller than a period on your phones screen.

#aztekium #ritteri #aztec #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #psychedelic #hallucinogen #trichocereus #peyote #science

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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb This mantis sure loves his butterflies. I had not attempted to feed this one yet but today I did and he loved it.

But it's got me wondering. Is it wrong for me to enjoy watching this? It's not that I enjoy the death of the butterfly but I do enjoy the nature and life of the praying mantis and it's predatory nature just like I enjoy hunting myself.

Sometimes I wish humans had to contend with a man sized species of praying mantis. Might knock us down on the food chair a bit.
Hell maybe that's what the earth will do to correct the population issues: giant mantids #prayingmantis #bugs #bug #insect #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #psychedelic #hallucinogen #trichocereus #peyote #science #mantis
  •   caromys Amazing 9h
  •   imaneedabouttreefiddy I don't think it's wrong. It's quite the opposite. It's life. You enjoy watching life. 9h
  •   hermitcrabbb @imaneedabouttreefiddy exactly! And this is a part of reality. I'm a lot like that butterfly. Something could easily kill me out of the blue and I accept that. I think most creatures do. Trying to fight against all forms of suffering and such is complex and very extream it seems 9h
  •   imaneedabouttreefiddy I agree. I have a medical mind, and I enjoy looking at autopsies and other "gross" medical procedures. There is no life without death. 9h
  •   _kreaturekim_ Very cool 9h
  •   peyotecowboy Check out horsehair worm mantis vid on youtube..nature at its best/worst!! @hermitcrabbb 9h
  •   hermitcrabbb @peyotecowboy yea I have seen it. Freaky as hell. It's probably the reason germany has almost no mantis 9h
  •   quickanddirtygardens Neat! I don't think it's weird at all. 7h

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hermitcrabbb @waycoolshots #waycoolshots I have never seen my ariocarpus retusus collect dew like this. I kind of figured they did try to collect moisture but I figured it would be on the underside of its aloe like tubricals.

However I must stop and remember: most ariocarpus species sit flush or slightly below the ground so only the tops of their tubricals would have access to the air to collect moisture.

Though I honestly don't think this plant collects much moisture in the wild considering how dry it is almost all the time.

They typically grow out of cracks in rocks in lime stone cliff areas. Like stone is very important to both their natural looks as well as alkaloid production. Lime stone prevents the plants from over filling with water and raking on a fat look. Instead it will be hard grown to maintain its natural looks as much as possible.

Hard growing a cactus is a very hard thing to do because you must control water intake even when using special soil blends. #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #psychedelic #hallucinogen #trichocereus #peyote #science #botany #ariocarpus

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dmt_revolution "We are body-mind-spirit beings; anything that affects one system affects all. Perhaps what has inhibited our culture from researching psychedelics is that it demands a level of training and personal capacity not required in conventional medicine or psychotherapy, as well as a willingness to relinquish well-established beliefs" James Fadiman #psychedelic #dmt #paradigmshift #psilocybin #333 #like4like #follow4follow #mescaline #lsd #love #lightworker #meditate #wakeup 18h
  •   dmt_revolution "Somos seres de cuerpo-mente-espiritu; lo que afecta un sistema afecta todos. Quizá lo que ha inhibido a nuestra cultura que investigue los psicodélicos es que esto exige un nivel de entrenamiento y capacidad personal no requerida en la medicina/psicoterapia convenciónal, a demás de la disposición para eliminar creencias bien arraigadas" 18h
  •   dmt_revolution Art by Alex Grey 18h

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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb I am offering up a bounty for this plant known as senegalia berlandieri in latin or by its common names guajillo acacia or huajillo.
It is a shrub in the subfamily mimosoidea but it grows into a large tree overtime. This tree is very important to bee keepers in Texas and Mexico where in ranges from southern Texas into all of mexico pretty much. It is drought tolerant to the extream.

It can be easily identified by observing animals who eat the leaves and stems who then become crazy and wild. This is because of a little known secret I will share with you.

This plant is the first plant ever to have true lab grade methamphetamine in it. But not just that: it also has methlphenethylamine in it, tyramine, and phenethylamine in abundance. T oral alkaloids range from .28% to .66% in leaf and stem but root bark has not been tested.

The species also contains para-hydroxyamphetamine, para-methoxyamphetamine, and other alkaloids such as nicotine.

Most surprising is that this tree is the first tree outside of the cactus family to have mescaline in it.
Someone find this for me and you will be rewarded greatly. I need it as a source of honey for my bees during lack of rain. #mimosa #acacia #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #musthave #psychedelic #hallucinogen #rare #trichocereus #peyote #spring
  •   hermitcrabbb @codyannabanana it has only ever been reported in Texas and Mexico. I am 99% sure it is not grown in Florida unless someone put it there which is not likely 6h
  •   codyannabanana @hermitcrabbb wrong Cody 6h
  •   hermitcrabbb @codyannabanana thanks errrrrg. 6h
  •   dmars29 I may know where to get some seeds .. I've been reading some articles :) I'll keep you posted 5h
  •   hermitcrabbb @dmars29 cool. I look forward to hearing from you. They are quite hard to track down when I live all the way on the east coast. I think at least you live near them 5h
  •   vaparjay Not that I have tried growing or trying them but their are tonns even a species if grass containing it check some aborigine artwork lol you'll understand :) 2h

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hermitcrabbb Well I was very frustrated about a month ago when all but one of my Aztekium ritteri graft attempts failed. I tried to several species of cacti but mostly myrtillocactus geometrizans.
Anyway none of the myrtillocactus took and I had a PC san pedro that had a pup that started to rot. I cut the pups good tip off and grafted it onto the failed myrtillocactus geometrizans and it has taken.

It has shown growth in the month since I grafted it. Don't get my wrong this is not anything super cool. San pedro grows fast without being grafted I just did this for the hell of it so the myrtillocactus root stock did not have its tip cut off for nothing
So yay let's see where this goes. #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #mescaline #musthave #psychedelic #hallucinogen #rare #trichocereus #peyote #spring #DMT

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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb Damn, looks like I'm getting another aztekium ritteri flower. This is like number 10 or 11 this year.
So happy to be getting so many. I just hope they are going to seed. Sometimes they don't self fertilize.

Aztekium ritteri is known for its use by the Aztec people who consumed it to cause psychedelic experience similar to peyote however it is said to be more harsh and terrifying due to its larger content of hordinine and pellotine. While it does have mescaline in it it is not anywhere new most peyote so Dar as I know. But I think it depends on the plant.
#aztekium #ritteri #aztec #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #psychedelic #hallucinogen #trichocereus #peyote
  •   bianca.ig whoa.. 1d
  •   yabba_dabba42 Lol that things scary @hermitcrabbb haha 1d
  •   celenaearth @hermitcrabbb are you going to sell the seeds if there is any??? Or pieces of the plant itself?? 1d
  •   smokinbat Thanks for spreading good knowledge ;-) 1d
  •   jamesvalentine It seems like to take a lot of hordenine is to be flirting with psychosis. I read pellotine is toxic after a certain point, but I need to research that asap. 1d

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Normal Bill Nye the Garden Guy
hermitcrabbb Hell yea @jamesvalentine I just won it for 52 dollars so it was a hell of a deal.

Even though it was within my budget when your 20 dollars gets here I will send the pup.

Pelecyphora aselliformis is a psychedelic cactus also known as peytillo or the hatchet cactus. This particular one looks like it is going monstrose/crested.
The many pups on it are becoming wider instead of round and look like they may be cresting. We shall see because it could also be from the pups being smashed together.
I would have easily paid 120 for this cactus. #pelecyphora #cactus #cacti #succulent #garden #gardening #nature #natural #organic #environment #trippy #beautiful #flower #flowers #shaman #pagan #motherearth #mothernature #hippie #LSD #DMT #mescaline #musthave #psychedelic #hallucinogen #rare #trichocereus #peyote #spring #science
  •   hermitcrabbb @natasha_e thanks when I get the plant in the mail I will take lots of pictures. I would love to see this and the aztekium ritteri in a rate of design. Love your work 1d
  •   natasha_e Thank you! You just might see something - I still plan on doing a sheet of cactus flash! 1d
  •   hermitcrabbb @natasha_e I look forward to it. I have yet to see a xactus tattoo I really liked. Most people get the areoles and spines wrong. It's difficult to capture it's looks especially with something like ritteri. But I see some horrible almost scratcher work claiming to be peyote that looks like an astrophytum. Good luck I hope you are up to the challenge 1d
  •   lord_snakeup I thought you wanted Art done but you never followed thru with your part of the deal 1d
  •   lord_snakeup That's why I stopped working on that peace for you @hermitcrabbb 1d
  •   hermitcrabbb @lord_snakeup I mean it was alright but not quote what I was looking for. And I can't even find that DM 1d
  •   lord_snakeup I took it down only because I have had artwork stolen (canvases &digital) I use watermarks that show up when you vector a image kinda as proof that its my work ... Buti still have that image and I got a tablet now so I can really get down 1d
  •   jamesvalentine Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. Will you be grafting with any of your pups? 1d

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