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do it yourself:
winter nails —
cc: @itsmytipsdiary

❅ idea #1: snowman nails

- first get the supplys which is baby blue nail & white nail polish, black & orange sharpie, then grab your baby blue polish and begin painting one finger, this will be your base color. let it dry for 15 minutes, once dry get your white and make a big blob towards the bottom of your nails,this is the snowman's head. let it dry 15 minutes then get your sharpie and make the eyes then get your orange and make the nose. apply dots in the background as snowballs & tadaa!

❅ idea #2: snowflake nails

- first get your supply's red nail polish and white dotter then apply red nail polish as the base color. now grab your white nail polish then grab your white dotter and draw an LARGE X then add slanted lines to each end of the lines you just drew. and tadaa!

❅ idea #3: tribal print nails
- first get your supply's which is grey, red, green nail polish and white dotter. then color your nails grey and wait for it to dry 15 min. then draw a thick strip of red on your nail Also your white and green. then get your white dotter and create triangles, just angle your brush in a diagonal and just create zigzags. more designs are dots, slanted lines, lines, and whatever you can think of. just be creative and tadaa!

❅ idea #4: polka dot nails
- first get your supply's white nail polish, and green and red dotter.
paint white, your base color onto your nails and wait for it to dry for 15 min then just dot your red a green all over nails and tadaa!
-----------------------------------------comment "ty lani" if this helped
QOTD: If you had superpowers what would it be?
AOTD: invisibility ♡

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