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hiimelo "We start with authentic, letter-graded meat, and process the hell out of it." #ribwich #mcrib #mcstinction 3y
  •   neezus__ @hiimelo are they actually any good? Haha 3y
  •   hiimelo @bignath__ I'd call it substantial. If youre a fan of BBQ ribs definitely give it a go, but try get it from a reliable Maccas; u can taste this hint of bullhole and I reckon it wouldn't be difficult to fuck it up. 9 days left of it, get at it 3y
  •   neezus__ @hiimelo is there such thing as a reliable maccas? Haha fuck yeah 'bout it! 3y
  •   __missmoore__ "now without lettuce" Hahahahaha 3y
  •   kimmmy_doll Meat molded into rib shape... hmmmm seems l 3y
  •   kimmmy_doll Slightly unappetising **** 3y
  •   hiimelo @kimmmy_doll haha pretty much Nom! My hands still smell like BBQ sauce. Can't imagine what the place smells like lawl 3y

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