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ivan.matuz Ustedes hicieron que el último cuatrimestre fuera genial. #graduation #administradoras #marketer #SOMOSUCA 2h

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tiavii_ Anyone who is familiar with the term "Lean organization" should love this book by Eric Ries called the Lean Startup. 🖒 let me know if you've read it in the comments. 🤔 3h
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gamis_muslimah_syari READY STOCK
Rempel Magenta

Ready Size S M
S : LD 96/PJ 132
M : LD 100/PJ 135

Harga : (Belum Termasuk Ongkir)
Gamis saja : Rp. 150.000
1Set : Rp. 200.000

Bahan Kelly (Adem, Jatuh, Nyaman)
Model Full Rempel
Lebar bawah -/+ 2m
Resleting Depan (Busui Friendly)
Pergelangan tangan kancing kombinasi lipit

Order (Pilih salah satu)
BBM : 5D1AF1E9
WA : 0878 8837 6607


#marketer #gamissyari #gamis #setsyari #gamisploydepan #gamismuslimah #gamishargaterjangkau #gamisberkualitas #gamiswolfis #gamisrempel #gamiswolvis #gamiswolpeach #gamiswoolpeach #gamiswolfish #gamisrempel #rucirahijab

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Normal Rahma Ayu Pratiwi
rahma_nisae Promo! Boleh beli 1set, boleh gamis saja.
Busui friendly, wudhu friendly, bahan jatuh,ringan,tebal.
Size s warna biru.
Size L ada turkish,avocado,ungu muda,mocca. ★ Detail Size ★
♡ XS ( LD 90 PB 130cm )
♡ S ( LD 96 PB 133cm )
♡ M ( LD 100 PB 135cm )
♡ L ( LD 106 PB 138cm )
♡ XL ( LD 112 PB 140cm )

Harga japri yah.. Dikirim dari malang.
Pengiriman bs via wahana, pos,jne.
#marketer hijabuna.

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mykemetzger ♛ millions of people pray every night to have what you call challenges.

wake up & make shit happen.

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ichbinjosuee Si querés conocer a una persona, no le preguntes lo que piensa si no lo que en realidad ama. #LazySaturday #Glasses #Marketer #DentistGotMeLikeThis 4h

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nelsonwtrent A few days ago I had a good friend ask for advice. The subject matter? Whether or not to gain more experience and skill, if it means making more money in his business.

I sat down with this consultant and fellow entrepreneur, and in a crowded Starbucks somewhere in Pasadena, I was met with a dilemma:
Give them the politically-correct answer, or tell the ugly truth.

Now if you know me you know what choice I made, but if you don't, let's just say I'd rather cap myself in the knee than placate someone I respect. So he starts: "I wanna offer design services that would mean i have to actually learn to design shit"

And at this moment Im pissed. Not because I'm hearing the same complaint for the 50th time, nah, Im pissed because the answer to this quandary is so simple a third grader could have came up with it.

I looked him in the eyes as I sipped my over-priced lemonade, and channeling the comedic spirit of #georgecarlin and the hustle mindset of @garyvee I exhaled: "If you don't have marketable design skills, go out, find someone that does, and fucking hire them"

Here comes the boom:

If you're lacking in any aspect of your professional hustle, it doesn't mean you need to "better yourself" or get more education, or "experience". I don't know about you, but I have a business to run, friends to see, places to go, a mother to take care of, and a life to live, I don't have enough time in the day to "do better" like so many fucking gurus and life coaches tell people to do.

If you want to be a walking encyclopedia, and have a thirst for knowledge, good on you. But if you have a business to run? Clients to take care of? People to see? Deals to close? Those relationships are the only experience you need, and if you need to supplement that with additional skills look outside of yourself.

If you can't produce results that live up to your business standards, don't get better at it, hire someone thats ALREADY better and PROFIT from their skill.
I've never met a web designer, or a copywriter, or a branding consultant that turned down my or my clients money.

Professional outsourcing works, so work it til the wheels fall off. #teamhustle

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thehustlerempire BMW Next 100 Concept! Tag A Friend You Would Ride With Comment Below
Via: @classy.luxuries
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themodernmarketer Episode 12 is live, link in the bio! Go check it out We talk about co-branding, email marketing and learning on the job.
Older questions from @riciardus @oliverrthomas and a snapchat bonus question.

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