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lauraloveslunges Simple Lunch 🏻️ Banana & Strawberry Greek Yoghurt

So tired today - missing the warmer weather too

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lucyulmer13 Remember who believed in YOU ... @laceystonefitness congrats on being named one of America's Top Trainers @thetimesmagazine 🏻 YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION #maketherules #spinsister #fitnessmentor #indoorcycling #fitfam #equinoxmademedoit #canada #spinsociety @nikewomen 1d

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________clarissxcx Riding opens up a whole new world ... for exploring


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  •   chayfuo I miss you more kutts and yeah see you soon. Sorry im a dick most of the time to you i miss youuuuuuu kutts 2d
  •   callmecrazy__s @chayfuo hahaha yay you better miss me more ... Te extrano mucho 2d
  •   chayfuo Haha so you've started learning Spanish before you come? 😮😮😇 2d
  •   callmecrazy__s @chayfuo umm not much will learn more.. 2d

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lauraloveslunges This shirt couldn't be more accurate because after this morning's PT session I went & saw Civil War 2d

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lauraloveslunges This is for the gorgeous @lifting_mish for #whatsonmyplate Been shopping again Love my new shoes! Had some strawberries when I was out & now I am having a #primalsupplements chocolate protein shake It's been a good Friyay 3d

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lauraloveslunges Friday session went a little like this;

3x15 Single Shoulder Press (11kg) - no squat assistance (30 reps in total for both sides)

3x100 Plank Shoulder Taps

3x15 Ventral Raises (11kg)

3x100 Mt Climbers

3x15 Lateral Swings/Raises (11kg) - try not to over swing (30 reps in total for both sides)

3x100 X Mt Climbers

3x12 Reverse Flys (10kg or 5kg each hand)

Shoulders a DONE 🏻

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lauraloveslunges Soooooo... You don't want to run or do heaps of cardio training? Then don't.

You don't want to lift heavy or build strength? Then don't.

You don't want to count macros or fuss about calories? Then don't.

Do what is best for you & how do you know what is best for you? It is simply whatever makes you happy!
Chances are that at some point in your life you tried a few different exercise or nutrition programs & fell off the wagon - there may have been many reasons why, but the biggest reason people do so is because they didn't like what they were doing or eating.
Choose something you enjoy & you will go so much further!

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d_colini When I was a coach 4 years ago (around there), I did not know what I was doing. I know I saw people making their dreams come true with this business.
In October, when I signed up with Team FitFam there was something different this time. I felt a genuine feeling from my personally sponsored coach. I felt like I could help people reach their goals, it wasn't going to be easy and it was going to take time, but I knew that I could do it. There have been some bumps along the way in my fitness/coaching/health journey and I wouldn't trade any of them. I have learned from each one. Each bump has made me who I am.
Tonight I want YOU to get a sneak peek into what I do as a coach and why I love my team so much. It starts at 8PM and my personal coach is hosting it. I promise it is worth your time. Even if you aren't at your "goal", this is still an amazing opportunity. This opportunity has helped me to stay accountable while I work towards my goals!
Comment/message me/text me whatever it is and tell me you want in! **if you are commenting, comment INVITE ME below!**

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kmr_nutritionandfitness Benefits from working out at home
-crazy hair -no make up -don't match -coughing/sneezing -keeping my germs to myself -free daycare -no gym membership -look foolish squatting/lunging around

#momlife #notime #forsickness #fitmom #pushplay #home #fitness #program #beachbody #fitliving #cardioqueen #itsabouttogodown #homegym #happypumpday #beyou #maketherules #eatcleantraindirty #joinme #askmehow

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catchngo It's my favorite time of the year of again! I love the hot days of summer. Get ready by using the workouts I've posted here and on my website - www.getingo.com #machine #workhorse #fitnessmodel #Nike #maketherules ##nikerunning #running #cardio #workout #boxingtraining #bodybuilders #bodybuilding #mensphysique #NPC #Nigerian #Nigeria #Africa #african #health #healthy #boxing #boxingchampion 5d

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