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myshipissailing •Why can't we be more encouraging? Complement anyone or someone random or a best friend. Be nice to people. Buy someone something they'd like randomly. It could change something it could bring a light into their day. There is so many teenagers or young ones suffering from depression. Do something different, make a day. Make a life. Bring a smile upon someone's face• #thoughts #writting #write #society #sad #tooyoungtobesad #depression #skins #skinsuk #effy #makeadifferance #bringasmile #dosomething #change #smile #drugsndepression 1d

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Normal forthelifethatgrewinsideme

All the pieces of my puzzle became undone,
the day I realized that something was wrong.
My shades of gray turned to blue.....
Leaving me helpless, lost, without a clue.
Yet, for all the mysteries unexplained-
I found my passion through my pain.
You see I was given a gift that changed my life-
a gift that came as a blessing in disguise.

For every word that went unspoken-
I found my purpose.....
Though my heart was broken
And for the stories left untold-
I found my voice,
and I became whole.

My gift,
now unveiled for all to see.
My angel by the name of Thai lee....
He came and awakened the love
that was buried deep inside of me.

So for all the mothers
with nowhere to turn-
I'll lend you my ear
and share what I've learned.

When the screams get loud
and your heart feels as if
it would shatter like glass-
Close your eyes, take a deep breath
and remember,
this too shall pass.

When your faith is gone-
and you feel as if you can no longer cope....
clinging to the end of your rope
remember, life is but a kaleidoscope
Everything changes with just one spin
If you would only look inside
and see the beauty that lies within

When you feel discouraged,
as if you have nothing to be proud of....
remember, autism speaks because of your love!
When your emotions go beyond words....
look deep into the eyes of your daughter, your son
and feel the love trapped inside
behind the tantrums, behind the tears
things are not always as they appear....
For the lord,
will never give you more than you can bare.

For in every test-
There is a testimony.
In every trial-
There is a lesson of love.....
That's when you know what you’re made of.
So lift your voice-
And say it out loud....
Autism speaks,
Because of my love!

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2014
Copyright 2014. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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climbfit Teaching Yoga next to the Burj Khalifa with The Hundreds of Smiles Charity to raise money to build a library for an orphanage. #climbfit #satyaflowyoga #hunfredsofsmiles #makeadifferance 2d

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i_am_big_nick We are selling shirts on Booster to raise money for our foundation all proceeds go to our charity please show support. Thanks in advance Booster.com/Bettertogetherutnf we must sell 50 before they make the shirt so we need your help. 4d

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sweetmadamblu Music is the cure! Follow the movement at myloveforautism.com 1w

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Normal Sharon Corinthian
sweetmadamblu Why fit in, when you were born to be awesome! 3w

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sweetmadamblu In the loving memory of Avonte Oquendo's.
I can hear the anguish of a mothers cry
As she searches herself and wonders why
Why her baby, her angel had to say good-bye

Fontaine the Doctor Said, "don't worry your baby boy will be fine;
He'll grow out of it; it's just a matter if time,
But when time came
he decided to run
Then all the pieces became undone

He took off running without a warning
without a clue
Leaving us all in a state of dread
Now Vanessa is about to lose her head

Avonte, Avonte, why did you run
Where have you gone?
I was told you took off like a raging storm

I can hear your heart beating
It's pounding out of your chest
Boom, Boom, with every step
Moving with haste, at a desperate pace,
As if in a never ending race
Your feet pushing the pavement
As it pushes back
Running as if your life was under attack

Avonte, Avonte, now is not the time to play hide and seek
you should be tucked in bed
Getting a good night sleep
Instead you’re lost in a world unfamiliar,
unsure what to do
Cold, lonely, waiting for mommy to come rescue you

Avonte, Avonte, why did you run
Where have you gone?
Can someone please tell me what the hell went wrong
An innocent child is missing
and no one has a clue
The irony is they had no idea what to do
running around like monkeys that escape from a zoo
Their blunder posted in full view

Avonte, Avonte, why did you run
Was it out of fear?
I was told that they stood around
And watched as you disappeared
Seemingly, as if they didn't even care
As a result, your body washed up,
dismantled, floating in the bay
And it's not ok
It's not ok

The system is broken
And it needs to be fix
But it’s going to take more than child's play
more than just picking up sticks
our children are being neglected, mistreated and abuse
while we stand around lost and confuse

So let's challenge the government,
let’s challenge the laws
Let's make Avonte’s legacy a living cause
Then his soul can rest in peace
And his spirit will be free, free to run on for eternity

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2014
Copyright 2014. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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sweetmadamblu Mommy, mommy, where did daddy go
I'm sorry baby, but I don't know
When he left he said he was going to the store
But it's been three years
Maybe more
Maybe he got lost in the crowd
Maybe your screams got too loud
Maybe he realized that his first born, his baby boy
Would never grow up to become a quarterback like Troy

Maybe he got tired of the questions, the stares
Maybe his reality became his darkest nightmare
Maybe after considering all the facts
He just decided not to come back
Baby, I guess he's not the man I thought he was
Because he doesn't understand the concept of patience and love
I guess he realized that it takes more to be a daddy, than just sowing his seed
Especially when caring for a child with special needs
He obviously couldn't take the pressure anymore
So he chose to walk through the door
Daddy, daddy, I'm sending you a message written with love
I'm sorry I'm not the son that you can be proud of
Nevertheless, why did you leave, where did you go
There are so many things that I need to know
But you left me behind
With so many unanswered questions plaguing my mind

You left mommy to do it alone
To face all the challenges all on her own
But daddy, I wonder, if I were different
Would that have kept you home

Mommy said that one of the effects of my disorder is to divide and conquer
But she also said what doesn't kill you
Only makes you stronger
So I need you to lend me your hand
And somehow try and make me understand what went wrong

Daddy, daddy, I need you here to teach me how to be a man
You know that's something mommy doesn't really understand
So can we all just try and get along

Mommy needs you to be here for me too
Though she won't admit
When you left, her heart got very sick
Now she's just angry that you chose to give up
Angry that you decided to quit

Daddy, won't you please try and make a mends
So somehow we can all be friends
I'll forgive you for leaving me
Then maybe one day we could be a family
Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2014
Copyright 2014. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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sweetmadamblu Join the movement, support the cause! 4mon

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sweetmadamblu THE GENIUS INSIDE ME

Hidden beneath the blank stare, broken smile,
trapped is the spirit of an extraordinary child.
Locked behind a door for which there is no key
kicking and screaming wanting to be free.
Detached from the world that I see outside,
I create a world in which I hide

The things I see,
the shapes, the sounds
to which has no limits, no bounds.
A mystery to those who don't understand,
the doctors, the scientist, the ordinary man.
They pick my brain, dissecting it,
trying to figure out where I fit.

With no explanations, no reasons why
they label me retarded
just because I'm shy.
They say I'm stupid and have no hope
because they can't define what they see under the microscope.

But like Beethoven, Mozart and Bach
Einstein, Newton and Bell
there is so much to tell.
I'm a composer, inventor, scientist and so much more,
like Spielberg, Jobs and the ingenious Laurence Kim Peek,
don't count me out because your language I don't speak.

I'm going to change the world in which you live,
for I have so much more to give

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2014
Copyright 2014. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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sweetmadamblu Autism speaks because of your love! Follow the movement at www.myloveforautism.com/words of insparation 5mon

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Normal Sharon Corinthian
sweetmadamblu Love someone with Autism today! 5mon

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sweetmadamblu Autism speaks because of your your love! 4mon

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