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luv_1d_forever_and_always Favorite poem ever! But if you guys don't like Niall or one direction there is seriously something wrong with you! Niall is the best guy in the whole wide world and if you don't like Niall... #niall #nialler #bestonedirection #niallhoran #niallquote #niallforever #niallerisbae #ilyniall #favorite #niallisthebest #onedirection #quote #onedirectionquote #1d #harry #liam #zayn #louis #onedirectionisbae #ily #niallpoem #loveniall #niallisbae #ily1d 5h

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crazymofo_1d_fandom What's up darlings? :) ok, so I'm loving this co-ownership with Courtney and Nicole! (Love you guys!) But yeah, this is my selfie I was supposed to post like 20-30 minutes ago. Because Nicole (@sex.direction) tagged me to post one, but I couldn't log in! So...yeah. :) don't mind my frizzed hair. -.- kisses! -S .xx 8h

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laura_1d_niall_x Can't really see but says I ️niall written by niall in my class lol #love1D #loveniall 13h

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laura_1d_niall_x 1D sticker of to school and feel ill yay love u guys x #love1D #loveniall #loveharry #followme 21h

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE

Prt 7:

Your p/o/v:
Harry is super funny. And sweet. Guess I shouldn't judge a book by its cover yeah?
Hubby: " I'm tired, come sleep with me.. not in that way"

Me: "No you come to me.. not in that way"

Hubby: "We're dirty minded"

Me: "pssh. There's worse"

Hubby: "Yeah. At least I don't have to admit I love pussys"
I choked on my water as I read this. My mom walked into my room. "You okay"? She asked. I shook my head and waved her off.
Me: "Gross"

Gross hubby: "I meant cats... I think your more dirty than me"

I smacked my head. He played me.

Me: "You tricked me"

Tricky bastard: "Possibly. So meet me tomorrow after school"

Me: "Why"? Tricky bastard: "I have a wedding gift for my future wife duh"

Me: "What if you kill me"? Hubby: "The wife of my 3 kids and cat. Why!?" He's such a dork.

Me: "Ok". Hubby: "Bed time for now my love. We shall be married in the morning!" I chuckle.

Me: "Night Harold" *NEXT MORNING*

I wait after school like he asked. Personally I'm scared. What if he's pulling a prank. Making me fall for him to show all his friends? "Pst". I hear. I turn and see him wave me over. He grabs my hand and pulls me across the football field.

A blanket and picnic basket laid out. "Tada", he smiled. I was shocked. "Oh and-", he cleared his throat. He got on one knee and picked up a slice of pizza. "will you do me the honor of eating this delicious piece of pizza with me"? I laughed, "I do". He stood up. "Oh and one more thing", he said before crashing his lips onto mine. "My shirt, it's total boyfriend materiel". THE END

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE

Prt 6:
Harry's p/o/v:
Me: "I need a nick name for you" (y/n): "Why"? Me: "contact name, duh" (y/n) : "meow"

Me: "I got it"! (y/n): "What , your pimple"? Me: "1. No. My face isn't pimple worthy. 2. We should play 20 questions. (y/n): "Says the boy with ance"

Me: "these are questions ma'm. Not 20 comments. (y/n): "Ok ok. First kiss"? Me: "Jeesh personal on first question" (y/n): "Only thing that popped up"

Haha I don't mind. If my lips popped up on hers.

Me: "yes. Pretty steamy. Do you want kids"? (y/n): "Idk"

Me: "I do. Omg! Great idea!" Wifey: "What"? Me: "We get married, have 3 kids! And a cat! Oh and I make you cake when you feel sad, but I'll help eat it cause helping is caring"

Wifey: "Its sharing is caring and you mentioned food so "I do" take haorld styles to be my awful dreaded husband"

Me: "That's not the lines!" Mean wifey: "Haha sorry. I meant bestest husband in the world"! Me: "We would have beautiful babies, cause you're gorgeous". Mean wifey: "And your mentality. Weird and oblivious". Me: "Rude"

Mean wifey: "Love you"
I think I love you too (y/n)

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE
Prt 5:

Your p/o/v: "he's going to find out", I say finishing my pizza. Kat rolls her eyes. "Only if you tell". "Or if you blow it! what if I don't show upto school to tell you what 'you' guys supposedly talked about"? I frowned.
She drank some water. "I don't see the problem"?. I give up. The problem is he's actually nice and maybe I want him to know its me.
I got home early and laid down. My phone buzzed.
Harold: "(y/n) or sassyy"? I thought for a moment. I could be myself or pretend to be Kat.
Me: "Who do you want to talk to"? Harold: "Well... I don't know (y/n) too well, she seems nice (:" Me: "Thanx"

Harold: "(y/n) it is then"

Me: "Caught red handed! Or phone handed cause you know a phone is in my hand..." Harold: "Not bad not bad, knock knock"

Me: "Who's there"? Harold: "cows go"

Me: "Cows go who"? Harold: "No, cows go moo!" I rolled my eyes and smacked my head. Idiot haha.

Harold: "Im funny(:" Me: "Guess I shall change your name to knock knock master"

Harold: "Do it! Or no no, your master"

Me: "What? Why lol"

Harold: "Bc I... I thought you loved me..." I start laughing. I can I ist imagine his bottom lip puckered.

Me: "I don't love people I don't know"

Harold: "Do you believe in love at first sight?
Or shall I walk by again"

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE

Prt 4: 
Harry's p/o/v:
Sassy pants: "Idk"

I sighed. I'm tired. She was funny but now this convo kind of went south.

Me: "Well talk more tmrw, night sassy pants xx"

Sassy pants: "What happened to sassy train!?" Me: "I changed it again"

I plugged in my phone and passed out.

I woke up to my alarm clock and quickly got ready for school. I started walking and went onto my phone to check out what I missed. Not much.
Party pics. Couple texts.

I see Sassy pants at the top of my messages. I smile and text her. "Morningggg! Xxx"

I wait 5mins till she replied.

Sassy pants: "Wrong number"? What? Oh yes. This isn't Kats phone.
Me: "Nope, more like the person I reached has left. Sorry, but morning to you too (y/n) (:" Sassy pants: "Oh.. Morning". Well poop she's not as fun as Kat. I put away my phone and head into campus.
I see Kat. Oh gosh I gotta talk to her in person. "Hey sassy pants", I smile. She turns and frowns. "I beg your pardon"? I roll my eyes, "You know. Remember. Last night"? I ask.

She looks to her friend then her eyes widen. "Oh uh haha yeah. right. Funny"? She chuckles.

I frown. Maybe she's tried and forgot? "Kat", a voice says. I turn to see (y/n), walking our direction. "Hello", I smile. "Hey Harold". Wait. Shouldn't Kat said that and not (y/n)?

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE

Prt 3:

Your p/o/v:
Oh if only you know Harry. I admit. He's actually not that bad. But still.

Me: "No"

Lie obviously.

Harold: "Ok. I wouldn't care if you where (y/n)" Me: "Are you trying to be nice thinking I'll admit to being (y/n)" Harold: "Yes, or if you are Kat, trying to make you jealous by thinking you're friend is cute"

He thinks I'm cute? I feel my heart skip a beat.

What? No! That's bad. Harry is popular and I'm not. He doesn't even know I'm really talking to him... Unless he's not oblivious.

Me: "Either way not working(:" Harold: "I'm changing your contact name to sassy pants". I laugh out loud and cover my mouth cause 1. Mom's sleeping and 2. I can't believe he's the one who made me laugh.

Me: "Go for it, your contact name is Harold"

Harold: "Wow now sassy train. Your pushing the limits"

Me: "Now I'm sassy train"? Harold: "Yes, unless I keep (y/n) name on here and text her instead cause she'll probably be nicer to me"

Oh Harry. If only you knew.

Me: "she's boring..."? I clearly suck at lying.. Harold: "You dish on your friends? Its her phone she can read our texts"

I slap my forehead. I'm not making her look good now.

Me: "I just thought you thought she was boring... And yeah"

Harold: "Why? I don't know her and she doesn't know me"

Maybe I do. Maybe I don't.

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE

Prt 2:

Harry's p/o/v:
I text Katherine for 3 hours straight. Just about school, annoying teachers, friends.

Me: "Hey its 9, don't you have to go home to where your phone is"? I wait a few minutes before she replies.

Kat: "Yeah. I guess. But I can't text you then"

I furrow my brows and reply. Why cane she? that's where her phone is no?
Me: "Um.. why..?" Kat: "No texting past 10, dad's rules". What? That's stupid!? Me: "Oh.. ok. Um. Should I keep this as your contact on here or change it to (y/n)"? Kat: "You can delete it"

Me: "Why"? Kat: "Why keep it"? I've actually kind of found (y/n) really attractive and sweet.. but I'm not telling her friend that. Ha!
Me: "Well does she want to text? I'm bored and you're leaving me! ):" There you go styles.

Kat: "Idk..." What? Why? Does she like think we're dating and I'm trying to hit on her friend?
Me: "Are you jealous"? Kat: "No"

Me: "Sureeee *smirk*" Kat: "Rlly I'm not"

Me: "Okaayyy. Whatever you say(;" Kat: "Don't be too full of yourself styles"

Me: "Ohh Kat got some sass. Hey! Kat. Sass. I'm going to be a musician(:" Kat: "Yes genius"

Me: "Ps: its 9:30"

Kat: "So"? Me: "Thot you where going home? unless you're secretly (y/n) this whole time cause you where afraid to talk to me"

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directiondreames FETUS IMAGINE CUZ YOLO (you only love one direction) Prt 1:

Your p/o/v:
I was listening to music while doing my homework. Teachers say it's a distraction when to me personally it helps.
A lot.

My phone buzzed and I quickly turned to it.

Bffffff: Plz! Do my a favor!

Me: what is it?

Bffffff: Text Harry for me xp

Me: are you kidding me? no. I don't want his number on my phone or mine on his.

Bffffff: Pweeaasseee!

Me: ....what do you want me to say?
I'm too nice to ppl. Well my friends at least. I seriously can't believe I'm doing this. Ugh.

Bffffff: Just say I'm you on your phone(: Me: what are you 10!? Bffffff: c'mon! I'm scared

Me: pu**y

She sends me his number.I stare for a while. The most popular boys number on my phone.

The boy known to be a jerk and well, ladies man.

Here it goes... I close my eyes and send "Hey, its Katherine on (y/n) phone"

I wait and he doesn't text. Probably won't I mean why would he answer to a random number plus with my name in it.

Harry: "Oh, hey!(: what happened to your phone"? Holy crap he responded! Wait why am I freaking out. And holy crap he was nice?
Me: Um.. left my phone at home and I'm visiting (y/n). Harry: Oki doki (: Well... So far smooth?

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