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Part 3: "for the prettiest girl i've ever met! The boy you met today at vs ;)) xoxo " Was written on this little note.This is cute but it is kinda weird . Louis?! He's really cute. But it seemed to be strange. Whatever. Later this evening i got a message from an unknown number. "Hello :) it's louis ! I wanna see this beautiful face again. Wanna meet tomorrow at 8 pm at an restaurant?! I'll pick you up at 7.30 pm? :) " wooooow! Yaay! He texted me! Now it's time for my happy Dance! Everytime if i am happy i have a little happy Dance haha! After i was ready i replied with " sure! It would be great! :) " and after some minutes Full of happy dancing i get another message " okay! See you tomorrow love! :) " louis send . This night i couldn't sleep . I was quite too nervous and happy at the Same time. But later after thinking a Lot i fell asleep. In the morning i was terrible. I mean i looked like goofy because of the sleepless night. But after the shower it would be okay i thought. So after the loong shower of thinking i came out and went on Twitter . I looked trough the trends and found there #LouisAndHisGirlfriend trending. Wohow! Was it my Louis? Stop, did i say MY louis? I mean the louis?! I clicked on it and there were a Lot of pics with me and louis hugging in vs. and alot of hate. Waitwaitwait.. Why is everyone so crazy about louis? Oh nonono! Is it Louis Tomlinson? Omg!! The louis tomlinson i was in love with a long time ago as i was 13? Wow. But now i am no directioner anymore. I am too busy with school and stuffs. I am studying in Oxford. Whatever. The time flew and it was 6 pm...

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