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def_21 So I'm in Jackson Mississippi, and I'm excited because every time I go to a capitol I like to go into the capitol building especially to see the rotunda. This particular time it's on a weekend and I walk up to the building. There happens to be a police officer in front. I asked if the building was open. He said it's closed on Saturday Sunday and holidays. I said what day is it? (Vacation mode). He said it's Saturday I said well that sucks he said where you from. I said I'm from Canada. He said you're not likely to be back in these parts anytime soon. I said you got that right. So he said most sergeants wouldn't do this but I will take you inside and you can look around for a couple of minutes. I said as long as I get to see the rotunda. He said no problem. When I left he made me promise not to tell anybody LOL. Oops. 5min

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