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  •   lady_corsa @tageverythingbacon she is my everything. The oldest and the crazyest dog of mine, haha. (: 3y
  •   tageverythingbacon Hehe I know how you feel!! My Maggie girl is the love of my life 3y
  •   lady_corsa @tageverythingbacon well, I have 3 loves of my life. Tbh i have a little zoo at home, haha. 3y
  •   tageverythingbacon Hahaha I would too if I didn't live at home right now!! Just moved back after a breakup...my mini zoo is my kitty and Maggie. That works for now hehe I know I'll have more soon!! 3y
  •   lady_corsa @tageverythingbacon 3 dogs, 4 cats (from this 3 are little kittens from Sophie), 3 turtles, 2 sailfishes, a crab and 13 goldfishes in the pond. :3 btw i tagged you to a photo of Caesar. Did you see it? 3y
  •   tageverythingbacon Oh my!!! That's a dream come true!! Not yet...let me check 3y
  •   mirreelafif haha cutie! The eyes: alien-style  3y

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