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sinyees 3 years before, I was a student who came here to fulfill the voluntary work group report. 3 years later, I was a visitor along with colleagues to visit the children there. The place is same, person in charge is same, but the feelings are different. When I was a student, what we thought of is just fulfill the subject requirement. When I am a volunteer, what I thought of is bringing joy to them. Meanwhile, my heart is painful. Because for years, how many group of student came in and out from this place? How many group of volunteer really care the children? What children want aren't our gifts or entertainment for them, is our caring and love. All of them have been neglected, abused, abandoned. The action of us come in and out from the center andidn't visit them again or maybe for years only visit them once, isn't it same like what their parents did to them? I guess I and all of us should really think deeply for this question.. #thought #throwback #lls101 #psy #uni #work #aa 1y

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