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54min lgould321
Normal lee Goulding
lgould321 Think joel nailed it this time. #Portrait #lifelike #art #me #toscale #egoboost 54min

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Normal Mark Quinlan
ideal_baits @tkheaven with some under water footage of the #LifeLike #TrueCraw he sent me the pic and says "I gotta admit it looks bad ass." @tkheaven approved! Thanks Tom! #RMBaits #IDSeries 10h

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bklyncharmschool this dog isn't too sure what's going on but he knows something's not quite right about this scene of immobile #pigeons eating a slice of felt #pizza. 18h

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bklyncharmschool handmade #pigeons in Union Square. I don't like real ones but these are funny and charming. 18h

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tunamation 33rd for the straight edge @kassiesn0w ! This gal has made herself into a lovely piece of art! One thing I love about meeting people is that they bring me soo much inspiration!

So on this one I took a different approach. I usually simply the whole painting into 4 pieces: hair, eyes, dna, and clothes. But On this one I added more layers to have better control and I have to say its an improvement! I originally used a pink color for the skin tone, I think I'll post that one later. I was just really having fun!

For the hardcore aspiring artists: I used digital airbrush for the skin tone, iris color, make up, and straps. I used a detailed oil brush for the eye lashes, hair, and iris. I use both on some parts like the iris and eye brows. For most shading I start dark grey, add lighter grey, then dark grey and black, last white. That's when the magic comes to life! I use corel painter x3 and it is not cheap!

One more thing, I want to thank all you who follow me! Seriously, y'all are patient! Thank you! I have a purpose here! ^~^ _________________________________

GUARANTEE YOURSELF A PAINTING SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE!: https://www.etsy.com/listing/200662981/single-person-custom-digital-painting

WOULD YOU LIKE MY ART ON A T-SHIRT?: http://society6.com/tunamation21/tshirts

I notice all of the support and I am soo grateful! I just wish I was the flash, lol!

#straightedge #pink #cherryblossom #oneofakind #princess #blueeyes #aww #airbrush #angel #beautiful #piercing #black #original #liberated #allblack #active #anime #portraits #inspiring #muchlove #breathtaking #lifelike #cutechick #kawaii #kawaiigirl #worthit #edit #divine

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robsdv This guy nearly have me a heartattack when I went to Kwikspar in Grahamstown a few moments ago. 1d

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