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Normal Kelley ❣ Aesthetic Architect
kelleywithlove A few weeks ago you joined me for a Twitter chat, join me tonight for #theblogcode Periscope party! I'll be sharing all the secrets so if you're a blogger or thinking of becoming one you don't want to miss it! Join me @kmwexclusive, @_kayalex_, & @iamkrystallee for an hour of action tonight at 7pm! Bring your questions! 4h

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missbfab As I draw closer and closer to my birthday (Sunday) all roads are leading up! We really do get better with age but most importantly intent!
The last few months have been amazing! I am no longer playing defense to my life, I'm on the offensive team. It is much better on this side of the game.
I just wanted you to encourage not to sit on the sidelines of your life and just watch it go by. Get in the game! Tap the screen if you can feel that!

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kelleywithlove If you're growing your brand and looking for ways to connect with your female audience Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity! Create a fun freebie especially dedicated to your Galentines! Still growing your tribe and looking for ways to engage? Check out some tips on growing your girlboss tribe below!

5 Ways to Grow Your Girl Boss Tribe.

1. Show Gratitude
Make a list of the girl bosses that have given you the most inspiration/motivation. Contact them letting them know exactly how they've helped you!

2. Collaborate
Find others in your niche and pitch a collaboration idea to them. Sharing audiences can be beneficial if you both have something really good to offer.

3. Show Support
Reach out to others that inspire you or that are on a similar journey as you and see how you can show support. Take it upon yourself to share their work with others.

4. Educate
Teach your audience the best of what you know! This will help others to see your value and often prompts others to reach out to you.

5. Mentor
If you know someone starting out in your field, offer to show them the ropes! Being a mentor is about giving back, fostering the promise you see in others, & prosperous relationships!

Share with a friend & Sign up for more lifestyle & branding tips at kelleywithlove.com (link in profile)

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kelleywithlove | G i r l B o s s | Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, travel the world, or become a doctor, you have to know its about the journey. Your dream life doesn't begin and end with the final outcome. It's made up of the moments in between. The successes & failures. It's made up of what you do daily. What you think daily. What you believe daily. What you feel daily. So live to make everyday your best. Wear your favorite heels. Eat your favorite meals. Spend time with your favorite people. Learn from failure. Celebrate every win big or small. Work smart, not hard. Be disciplined and work with intention. Give yourself grace. The Kelley With Love brand is not just about helping you create a beautiful brand for the world, but a beautiful experience for yourself. 2d

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kelleywithlove | Slay, okay. | Words of wisdom for your Monday. 2d

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kelleywithlove 3 Ways to Build Buzz Like Beyoncé
1. Collaborate

Connect with others in your field or outside of your field to create some epic material that will be mutually beneficial for both of you and your audiences. Use this to start gaining visibility. Example: Beyonce collaborated on a song with ColdPlay called Hymn For the Weekend. Both then performed in the halftime show.

2. Release new material individually.
Follow up your collaboration with a freebie of your own. Make sure it's current, timely, and easy to access. Example: Beyonce released a new single, Formation that she allowed to be streamed for free! The single touched on many current issues and served as an anthem.

3. Over deliver!
Not only do you want to release new material, but you want to make sure you over deliver. You may provide a free worksheet, video training, or audio training. This will help create sustainability and build trust. Example: Beyonce didn't just release a single, she released a video to accompany it.

All of this helped create buzz not only for #SuperBowl50 but also for the Formation World Tour! @Beyonce always slays! You can too!

Head to Periscope (kelleywithlove) to learn 2 bonus tips that will help you pull off these 3 strategies! The replay is live until around 5:20 tomorrow.

Tag & share with a friend!

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Normal Kelley ❣ Aesthetic Architect

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kelleywithlove 5 Things @Beyonce Reminded Us About Girl Power in Formation

1. It's okay to SLAY - The repetition of this word alone is like a call for all girl bosses to remember - do NOT apologize for the greatness that is you! If you worked hard for it, there is no reason to shrink yourself! Bask in your worth! Get up, get out, and continue showing the world what makes you great!

2. We are better together! - I mean, who knew Beyonce used calls to action. You can believe that "formation" was Queen Bey's call for girls all over the world to continue their take over. We're bolder and braver than ever before. The more we support each other and remind each other of our greatness, the further we all will go and grow.

3. We don't have to explain what we like or why we like it - ...but from time to time it's okay to make it clear once and for all for anyone that may be confused.
4. The best revenge is green and made of paper. - Just another great reminder that if you're going to use your energy you should use it wisely. Like, to build an empire. Because well, legacies speak louder than words. Oh, and you should do it with as much grace as possible!

5. To be comfortable with who we are and to embrace where we come from. - Hot sauce in purses?! All I can say is yasssss! We all have things that others may consider embarrassing, but hey - we like what we like. No matter how successful we get, we should never forget where we came from or feel like we have to change who we are to "fit in". Tag a friend.

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kelleywithlove | rest | throwing it back because Saturdays are for resting. Other than rest, here are a few tips on beating overwhelm.

o v e r w h e l m

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, blogger, or working a 9-5 - we've all fallen victim to overwhelm. Here's a few quick tips for beating overwhelm & increasing productivity.

1. Get It Out.

If you have a massive task to tackle or a problem to solve, write it down. This will help you to get out of your head & to externalize the task or problem.

2. Break It Down.

Now that you have the problem or task in front of you. Take some time to break it down into smaller doable pieces. This will allow you to simplify things.

3. Visualize the Outcome.

Once you've broken the task or problem down and chosen your solutions take a few minutes to visualize you completing the task or solving the problem to stay motivated.

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kelleywithlove | That's a wrap | here's to another wonderful week, living life how we want to live it, and stepping outside of our comfort zones! Tell me something good that happened this week 🏽 5d

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kelleywithlove To all of the ladies who were fearless enough to participate. To everyone who supported the challenge. To everyone who followed along. I adore you and appreciate you forever. I hope this challenge inspires you to be fearless, take risks, and get visible! #flatlaywithlove
This is the final day of the Flawless Flatlay challenge!

Challenge: Take a photo of a flatlay that includes an ode to any new friend(s) you’ve
made through the course of the challenge that you want to shout out. @theiisneversilent @2movesahead @theshopfiles @pollinapr @singprayshop
  •   _heybrittney @kelleywithlove LOVED getting the chance to do this, and I'm so incredibly happy I made so many great friends along the way! 5d
  •   taimboutique 5d
  •   shoploveperidot This challenge definitely helped me to open up and meet some cool spirits I prob wouldn't have otherwise. Thanks for hosting. Beautiful pic (per usual)! 5d
  •   singprayshop *Hugs* THANK YOU for the opportunity to participate in such a lovely challenge & S/O to all of the FABULOUS women I've met this week!! 5d
  •   theposhshopco Such an adorable idea! 5d
  •   freelyelegant Aww thanks @kelleywithlove! This was an amazing idea!🏽 5d
  •   keesha0712 @kelleywithlove thank you for using your gift and creating a fun challenge . I enjoyed it and I am grateful for being able to connect with other like minded women 5d
  •   theshopfiles such a fun challenge!!! also I JUST now realized there's freaking donuts in this flower heart madness!!! 5d

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kelleywithlove | social media |

Social media can be overwhelming, but not if you have a plan. Check out a few tips below on how to create your social media plan.

How to Create Your Social Media Plan.

1. Know Your Goals.

You should never do anything unless you know your "why". What do you hope to achieve for your business or brand by using social media? What outcome are you hoping for? Answering these questions will help you get clear on what your social media goals are.

2. Choose Your Channels.

Once you've decided one what your goals are it's good to find out what social media channels will best help you to achieve these goals.

3. Curate Your Content.

Take some time to sit and decide on what type of content you plan to share on each different social media channel you plan to utilize. Consider your ideal client when making your decision. What types of content does she enjoy seeing and interacting with on social media? What is the time of day she would check for this type content? Is she more likely to check social media during the week or on the weekend?

Also consider how you will deliver the content. Remember to keep your messages short and to the point.

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missbfab Good morning all. Everything about your day as to do with how you wake up feeling. Do you wake up with gratitude that you see another day? Or do you wake up with a "blah" focus. I wanted to be the first to tell you good morning and have a fantastic day! You have the power to make this day yours! 6d

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hersideproject {I had a blast tonight with #levoleague in #Seattle! We made homemade valentines and I met an incredible group of women. Yay friends! Thankful for Levo! } 6d

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missbfab So let's talk about how I had no clue about the power of #hashtags . who knew? If you are trying to grow your business and build a tribe, hash tags are instrumental in that. And not just random tags, but researched ones that fit your tribe. Instagram is way more powerful than I ever knew. #tcctips 1w

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girlcrushno I studied photography and I love creating images. But there's SO much more rocking my boat, and life twists and turns my status and interests.
You are so much more than just a title on your resume. Your career is more than just a job.
Your business has a story and here's a place to tell your story - your accomplishments and share what you're most proud of.

I came across LEVO and they encourage you to think authentic, straightforward and cool. Just keepin it real. And we love it.
We need this in Norway don't we? I wanted to learn more about them and this is the e-mail I received from LEVO: Your community's chances increase every time a new member in your city joins Levo, so spread the #levolove and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

So girls (and boys) lets build a community #levolove and sign up!! #girlcrushno #graduated #creative #cvdesign #europe #cv #unemployed #work #arbeidsledig #søkejobb #nyjobb #jobbsøknad #nyjobb #ferdigutdannet #norge #frilanser @levoleague #jobbsøknad #enkeltmannsforetak #nettverk #trengerjobb #muligheter #nytenkende #jobbjakt #karriere #resume #jobbledig #levo

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