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  •   arwenccw New cat? 3y
  •   xhvision @arwenccw yes, had him for about 4 month... Long time no see, Hope u a all fine! 3y
  •   arwenccw Thanks I am fine :) I see, he is chubby and cute but I still miss your previous kitten 3y
  •   xhvision @arwenccw baobao was a star, wasn't he? I miss him too. But my kaka is also very cute and sweet... 3y
  •   arwenccw Kaka is an expensive cat I think and he has that pride and elegance baobao is a cute and innocent one ...;) 3y
  •   xhvision @arwenccw well actually baobao was just about as expensive... Cats are always with pride and elegance, so did baobao.. I can see that you've a beautiful soul! 3y

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