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  •   crazytay3 @simmerdownsally just tell people a cool story when they ask what happened. Like "oh this? Yeah, I kneed a shark in the face. No biggie" Hahaha that's what I tell people about all my injuries and scars. ;) 3y
  •   simmerdownsally @the_sloan_ranger ahahaha or I free fall jumped from a plane without a parachute cause I'm badass like that, but unfortunately my knee cracked from the land! Everyone needs a war wound for the awesomesauce story! Cheeya ahaha 3y
  •   crazytay3 @simmerdownsally exactly! Lol I have a big scar on my right shin, and that's my "shark bite" scar. Or my "I ninja kicked Chuck Norris" scar hahaha 3y
  •   simmerdownsally @the_sloan_ranger jealous, you got to ninja kick #chucknorris ahaha 3y
  •   crazytay3 @simmerdownsally that's how I roll ;) 3y

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