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messygoat 30 blocks all assembled and pressed! #scrappytripalong #lastquilttopof2012 3y
  •   imagingermonkey Wow. You are FAST. 3y
  •   messygoat Fast... Possessed by quilting demons... #potatopotahto 3y
  •   libt54 Is the cat sewed to the quilt? 3y
  •   messygoat Yeah... He kept interfering so I just stitched him in. :) 3y
  •   lorisomes Well done ! 3y
  •   dogs.cats.quilts.kids.love Awesome, the quilt is fantastic and the whole picture with the cat on the quilt and all that beautiful hardwood... taken from the stairs is, just an awesome shot! I am babbling… But you know what I mean. 3y
  •   smazoochie Love the cat-shaped appliqué! 3y

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