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wallywonder Hey they built me a ledge to sit on outside of work! #knowtheledge 25min

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tgonewayent There's times I feel like giving up and saying fk it, don't let nothing or no one discourage you.
#motivation #keepmovingforward #dreamchaser #keepgrinding #nevergiveup #knowtheledge #tgonewayent #oneway #dedication #sp #parkave #spsfinest

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enzo_the_baker_72 "I suspect that we are ill-formed for the path we have chosen. Ill-formed and ill-prepared. We would like to draw a veil over all the blood and terror that have brought us to this place. It is our faintness of heart that would close our eyes to all of that, but in so doing it makes of it our destiny... But nothing is crueler than a coward, and the slaughter to come is probably beyond our imagining." -Malkina (Cameron Diaz) #thecounselor EXTENDED VERSION 2013 I know the metaphorical dialogue that Cormac McCarthy wrote, & the abstract approach Ridley Scott took with the story turned a lot of "Sheeple" off, it's there loss. This is a good, evil, & honest little movie right here with an impeccable cast, writer, & director. Directed by #ridleyscott Written for the screen by #cormacmccarthy #michaelfassbender #javierbardem #bradpitt #camerondiaz #penelopecruz #bluray #cinephile #firsttimeview #fuckhollywood #underrated #sleeping #wakethefuckup #cinema #supreme #knowtheledge #filmmaker #dialogue #acting #filmmaking #actor #thecounselorextendedversion #druggame #horror #horrorgram #intelligence 15h

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nubiangoddess_34 #Regrann from @alkebulanite.king - King SONNI ALI OF THE SONGHAY EMPIRE.......The Songhai Empire, was a Songhai state located in western Africa. The Songhai Empire was the largest and last of the three major pre-colonial empires to emerge in West Africa.
#KnowledgeIsPower #knowtheledge #KnowYourHistory #ManKnowThyself #themoreyouknow #KnowThyself #OurStory #history #EyeKnowTheTruth #research #Awakened #AfrikanHistory #blackhistory #know #study #learn #read #TeachOurYouth #teach #EachOneTeachOne #nationbuilding #knowyourgreatness #KnowOurGreatness #Unity #KnowledgeOfSelf #LiveMaat

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alkebulanite.king The Math of the word Arab.....And the true Bedouin

The "Arab” may have be little confusing conceptual to many people in the West, where Arabs are classified as Caucasian Mix people. However, all uses of the word “Arab” prior to the rise of Islam in the 7th century refer specifically to people belonging to the Bedouin ethnic group, And the Bedouins. After that and leading up to the 13th century, people with no Bedouin heritage began to refer to themselves as Arabs.

Today, there are still many Bedouin ethnic groups, such as the Tuaregs and Nubians of North Africa to the Mahra of Southern Arabia, who are still in existence, and whose presence in the the “Middle East” predates the coming of the paler-skinned Asiatics. They never called themselves Arab, Arabs were of a non-African mixture like many today.

#KnowledgeIsPower #knowtheledge #KnowYourHistory #ManKnowThyself #themoreyouknow #KnowThyself #OurStory #history #EyeKnowTheTruth #research #Awakened #AfrikanHistory #blackhistory #know #study #learn #read #TeachOurYouth #teach #EachOneTeachOne #nationbuilding #knowyourgreatness #KnowOurGreatness #Unity #KnowledgeOfSelf #LiveMaat

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alkebulanite.king The term Persian is like the term Egyptian. The later people using this name are not the original people of the ancient civilization which is misleadingly named after modern infiltrators.

The Persians of today are Turkic (Aryan) people from the north. Their ascendancy in Iran began as allies to Alexander of Macedonia's armies in around 350 bc.

However, the dominant power in southern Iran (what is often mislabeled Ancient Persia) before this date were Black people with thick wooly or curly hair. Their empire, the Achaemenid Empire, was the last great Black empire in West Asia. The Achaemenids empire emerged around 550 bc, but its predecessor was Elam.

The Elamites/Achaemenids were responsible for the conquest of Kemet in 550-350 bc. As I have explained before, when the Greeks took Kemet in 330 bc, Kemet was really already a weak and conquered people due to the Black Achaemenids. The Greeks were thus not the lion on the scene, but the vulture taking an already nearly dead body!


Only a Black nation can directly defeat a Black nation. Only a god can directly defeat a god.

Never, in the history of the world has a Europoid people ever directly conquered an Afrakan nation. In every single case it has been that another Black nation warred first against a Black nation and after the fact, when both nations are weak, has the Europoid come in for the kill.

This was the case with Kemet and the Achaemenid Empire, who the Greek only destroyed because they had weakened each other out first over 200 years of war. This is why Greek mythology is always talking about wars between gods and how through the weakening of gods fighting each other, mortals can come in and slay the gods. That is the story behind all major Greek myths and is a manual for how to defeat the glorious Afrakan nations.

This was the case with Kush, who the Aksummites destroyed before the Greco-Coptic Christians could rush in.
  •   alkebulanite.king This was the case with Kush, who the Aksummites destroyed before the Greco-Coptic Christians could rush in.

    This was the case with the Songhai Empire that covered most of West Afraka; when Blackamoors defeated them in 1591 this resulted in a massive source of West Afrakan captives for European slave raiders! This was the major reason for the intense enslavement of Afrakans at this time.

    This was the case with the Yoruba's Oyo Empire, which was jumped by the Dahomey, Benin, and Sokoto Caliphate. Its collapse was the only reason the Europeans were able to get into Nigeria.

    This was the case with the great Wolof Kingdom of Senegal, whose abolitionist King Almammy (he was an avid enemy of slavery) was first attacked by Mauritanians in 1787, which allowed the French to come in and begin colonization.

    This was the case of South Africa where wars between Afrakans had weakened them to the point that Europeans could come in.

    The Europoid army is nothing but a vulture, a scavenger, on the scene of Black on Black wars! They have never in all their history attacked a Black nation that had not just been weakened by years of intense warfare with another Black nation. This has always been their tactic and will always be their tactic as long as we focus our fight on each other.

    Below is a picture of the last Indigenous Black Achaemenids (misnamed Persians) in Iran. 20h

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essohopeful "Pictures are worth a thousand words" Be #conscious of what you are portraying. Especially if the goal is to get people to #wakeupnow #wake-up #knowthyself #knowtheledge #makelifematter #truth #wakeup #onenation #blackhistory #tbt #realtalk #USA #reachoneteachone #tagsforlikes #fuckthesystem 20h

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alkebulanite.king King SONNI ALI OF THE SONGHAY EMPIRE.......The Songhai Empire, was a Songhai state located in western Africa. The Songhai Empire was the largest and last of the three major pre-colonial empires to emerge in West Africa.
#KnowledgeIsPower #knowtheledge #KnowYourHistory #ManKnowThyself #themoreyouknow #KnowThyself #OurStory #history #EyeKnowTheTruth #research #Awakened #AfrikanHistory #blackhistory #know #study #learn #read #TeachOurYouth #teach #EachOneTeachOne #nationbuilding #knowyourgreatness #KnowOurGreatness #Unity #KnowledgeOfSelf #LiveMaat

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antoinejohnson21 "Africa accounts for 13% of the world' population & 2% of its cumulative gross domestic product, but it is the repository of 15% of the planet's crude oil reserves, 40% of its gold, & 80% of its platinum... Outsiders oft think of Africa as a drain on philanthropy, a continent that guzzles aid to no avail & contributes little to the global economy. But look more closely at the resource industry, & the relationship between Africa & the rest of the world looks rather different. In 2010 fuel & mineral exports from Africa were worth $333 billion, more than SEVEN times the value of the aid that went in the opposite direction... Physical cargoes of African oil and ore go hither and thither, mainly to North America, Europe, and, increasingly, china"

Would be nice if African countries came together & stopped the pillaging from other countries that leave the Motherland impoverished, to the extent that in some countries you'll be lucky to make it to 50y/o. This is sickening
#StopRobbingAfrica #AfricaUnite #KOS #KnowTheLedge
  •   r1ff_ Africa is the only word I need to win a lot of debates on just how fucked up our countries foreign diplomacy is. 21h
  •   r1ff_ And it only took 1 YouTube video of children missing arms to convince my wife that a diamond on her ring was a really bad idea. 21h
  •   antoinejohnson21 @r1ff_ wow bro, never pondered the latter idea about the diamond. Deep stuff man. Love your view on things 20h
  •   r1ff_ @antoinejohnson21 I'm ashamed to say, I didn't come to the realization til watching the movie Blood Diamond. Several hours of reading later & that was all it took for me. There is no such thing as a conflict-free stone from Africa. Anyone that says otherwise is just lying to themselves. I love my wife to death, but I don't want some diamond a child lost a hand for representing our marriage. I'm embarrassed for the fools that get pressured into falling for the DeBeers trap. And I'm living proof that u don't need to spend a fortune on a rock to win over a dime piece. Save ur $ men, and maybe save a African's life in the process. They may be a "girls best friend" but they are a entire continents living nitemare. 20h
  •   r1ff_ And Thx @antoinejohnson21 for all the posts u make. The spread of knowledge is the only weapon we got these days. 20h
  •   antoinejohnson21 Amen bro. I'm glad I have a good woman by my side already. And yeah, man. Knowledge truly is our only weapon and they're tryna take that from us too. Gonna keep sharing as much knowledge as I can until they take that from me too 19h

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Slumber Doyz Da Noyz
doyzdanoyz Know the history, Respect older generation, Learn the true message. That's what #HipHop is all about.

#KnowTheLedge #Definition #Pride #instahiphop #Quote

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