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_dying.__.slowly_ I know I act up .
I know I'm a jerk .
I know I mess up some times .
I know I'm weak at some points .
I know I break down .
I know I'm not perfect .

But everyone is like this .

I say shit I shouldn't .
I start shit I can't finish .
I break promises sometimes .
I lie .

But everyone does .

I help people who I don't even like .
Because that's the person I am .
I can't just be like " oh we fell out so the feeling I had when we stopped talking , and since I know how it feels imma let you feel suicidal and worthless . " no I'm not , I'm going to get over what ever happened between us and imma do whatever I can to help you .

I try to be a nice person , I try to help , sometimes I just can't , sometimes people are just going to destroy themselves no matter what I do , but damn I try .

I try to fix things that I know is impossible . Because I care enough to turn it to possible .

I want to be that 3 am phone call to make you happy , even if I have to listen to silence till you fall asleep .

Everyone is just so beautiful , really they are , no I don't mean appearance I mean by their minds .
I have this friend who barley talks but when she does , she imagination never stops and it's just so fucking beautiful , her pictures she draws are amazing and show so much creativity .
Just think , you could meet someone and think damn .! You marry them and bam .! 30 years later their looks are all gone and she/he ain't got nothing no more .
Don't like someone just because of their appearance . If you do , what cha gon' do when she/he looses all that .? Another thing .
Let's say , you find out someone hurts them self . Here's some things you don't do :
- tell a lot of people .
- tell their parents - tell them to kill themselves - tell them to stop - make them promise .

It's an addiction , it starts when someone is pushed to the fucking limit to where they feel like a worthless piece of shit and feel the only relief is taking a blade to their precious skin or taking a dozen pills . It's not that hard to be nice .

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alyya13 #AKnightsTale
When peasant-borns are given the chance to experience the world of the wealthy, they take the oppertunity to "change the stars" and enter a medieval tournament. Together, the unlikely team soon become a fan favourite, fall for a princess, and make a few enemies along the way. Starring the late, great Heath Ledger as William Thatcher, this monarchy driven time period piece takes a modern comedic twist to the otherwise dramatic adventure with appropriatly inappropriate music to accompany the quest to a better life and is generally a fun watch. Though Ledger did a great portrayal, the true star of the film was Paul Bettany, as the writer Geoffrey Chaucer, who brought a light tone to the movie and amazing enthusiasm. Nevertheless, despite the fantastic cast, soundtrack and character development, the dramatic elements of the film did not give off enough emotion to appeal to an audiences soft side and the storyline was nothing original. 2.5 stars. -
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Screw you allergies. Sorry this wasnt thaf great of a review. I feel really gross and couldnt write.

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bandsofficialfp So today at my second guitar lesson my teacher taught me how to play some chords from "The End." I'm pretty excited. I also got the Killjoys graphic novel and it's really really awesome. -Zack
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