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  •   lisako13 I was literally about to purchase this today and was looking for reviews. Is it worth the $$$? And all the beige ones I've seen has the orange trim. Can I get it with brown trim too? 3h
  •   birkinm4ry I love how you've accessorized your bag, the barenia charms are so cute! 3h
  •   joiedevivre710 @lisako13 yes!!! Look at another of my post from a couple days ago. The Baginizer saved my birkin because my sons sippy cup started leaking. She has both colors but limited all the time. Even she has a wait list. I waited several months for my Kelly one but u tell you, worth every cent - nothing compared to the cheaper ones out there. I even use these in my beach bags. Hope this info helps. :-) 3h
  •   lisako13 Thank you for the helpful info @joiedevivre710 !!! Ordering now! 2h
  •   myorangeaddiction Looks dear 2h

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