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Unknown Brooke Walton

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Video American.Hotel.Story

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eliandclarethecutecouple (Justin's Pov)

I passed the joint back to Selena as She sat on my lap and giggled as I laughed at her.

Twista and Ryan just watched us laughing as they shook there head.

There was a knock on the door as my mom came in and her eyes hardened as She saw me and Selena before she frowned. "Usher told me to bring this to you and put it on before you begin to practice"She said holding out a box to me as I grabbed it and she left. "What is it JB?"Ryan asked as I was opening it and I flicked him off. I saw a yellow heart but I couldn't remember where I had seen it before. I shook it off and put it on before I grabbed Selena's Hand and brought her to the stage as she,Twista,and Ryan sat in the audience.

I begin to sing "All That matters" All giggly as I sang it to Selena. They all started laughing as I seen my mom and Usher look at each other and told me to cut it out.

A little girl with long black hair brought me a bottle of water and some asprin smiling.
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple "Here you go sir"She said politely as I smiled at her and hope one day she doesn't turn out like me. She grabbed my hand. "Your my hero Justin Bieber and my mommy's sometimes"She said as I felt my eyes water. I kissed her forehead as she skipped down stage near my mom and jumped into her lap.

    I'm letting all my believers down as I ruin my life,my lungs,and my singing voice.

    I took a couple of minutes back stage as my high wore off and I went back to sing to the little girl. This time she was on different woman's lap. A beautiful woman that looked oddly familiar to me. I felt my necklace glow and felt happyness take over my emitons as I stared at her.

    I sang a different song This time "Swap it Out". but it was directed towards her. I don't know what made me do it but I slowly walked off stage in her direction as everyone got quiet but usher and my mom was smiling.

    I looked at her little girl and then her before speaking into the microphone. "so I'm your guys hero?"I ask suddenly overwhelmed with joy for some reason like I knew them my whole life. "You've always been our hero Justin"The older woman replied as her necklace lit up and so did mine. I suddenly stopped as I stared at her. 2h
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple I had this nagging feeling inside my stomach that was bugging me. I knew her but I couldn't pinpoint her. "May I borrow your?"I ask to the little girl as she smiles. " My mommy,Yes Justin beiber you can"She replies as I grab the older woman's hand and bring her on stage to sit down next to me.

    Her necklace glowed brighter as I stared at her and she blushed looking away. I grabbed her face gently to look at me as I gasped shocked alittle bit at our touch before shrugging it off. "Trinity?"I heard Ryan's voice whisper as I suddenly stopped and stared at her. I finally knew who she was. Her necklace turned blue and I cringe as We both grab our hearts at the sudden pain.
    My eye's widened as I seen she was pushed off her chair. I looked up to see Selena smugly smirking at her. "SELENA WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?"Ryan yelled/asked as we both ran to her side to help her up. 2h
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple " WHAT? ME? SHE WAS HURTING JUSTIN! YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT!"She yelled stomping her feet like a 5 year old. "Selena leave! Now. I will not have you treat my best friend like she's some rag doll"I spit feeling anger suddenly take over as I see Trinity stand up angry now. Oh shit,our necklaces triggered each other's emotions. "Mommy,Mommy,Mommy"The little girl ran up to her as she calmed down and my body began to simmer down as I smiled at them. She was so beautiful after all these years. The model in the magazine's and the singer In taly it was all her.

    I laughed alittle bit I should of known. "So your picking her over me?"Selena asked in disbelief. I shook my head. "No but what you did was wrong,so go to your dressing room to calm down or something"I said annoyed with her. " TRINITY FUCKING RODRIGUEZ! BRING YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!"A voice boomed throughtout the theater as we all looked at man with blonde hair and Trinity shook as she ran downstairs with her daughter.

    Me,usher,Twista,and my mom looked at each other as I ran after her. 2h
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple "Where are you going Justin?"I heard my mom ask me as I ran down the steps towards the door. "I'm not gonna lose her again,It was my fault last time"I told her as I sprinted through the theater doors to see no one in sight anymore.

    I hit the door as I swallowed weakly and slid down the door annoyed and pissed as hell. "I'm So sorry Trinity,I broke my promise."I whispered to no in general but the air. 2h
  •   typical_nani 2h

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eliandclarethecutecouple (Trinity's Pov) {5 years later.}♡♡♡♡ I laughed at my 5 year old daughter as she ran around my apartment singing and giggling.

I shook my head as I felt a kiss on my cheek before turning to see my fiance of a year Drew.

I smiled as he took over cooking for me and my precious daughter "Reina" took my hand and begged me to watch Tv with her.

She sat me on the couch and jumped on my lap as she turned the tv on to see Justin beiber singing "baby." My head begin to spin as I smiled weakly at her because she had never met her father.

You see Justin kept his promise but only when he came back when he was 16. He brought me back to his life of fame for a good month. My last night there we conceived "Reina" but the thing is he doesn't even know he has a daughter. "Mommy,Mommy,Mommy!"Reina jumped in my lap up and down as I looked out of her. "Hmn baby girl?"I asked curiously since she became so excited all of a sudden. "Can we see Justin Beiber Tomorrow night? Mama Please?"She begged frowning at me,I smiled weakly at her. "Well see sweetie okay?"I said giving her an Eskimo kiss and kissing her cheeks. "Okay mama"She replied pouting before her eyes lit up at something in my direction as I furrowed my eyebrows at her.
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple "Mama,Mama,Your necklace it's turning colors mama"Reina cried in astonishment.  I looked down confused as my eyes widened at the sight of it. You see my necklace only lights up now if Justin is very close to me but it's funny because they say it should of broken years ago if that person falls out of love with you. I wouldn't know anymore though because I never see him wear it on tv or anything.

    This sign must mean he's close,very close. He has to be staying in our hotel. You see as I got older I was offered to be a model,even alittle singing so I took it to take care of my baby.

    I looked towards Drew to see him looking at me confused. He didn't know what was going on but I wasn't sure I wanted to tell him.

    You see Drew only knew that Justin was her father not about our necklaces.

    My phone began to ring and Drew answered to have his eyes widen before he gave me the phone.  I looked at the caller ID to see that Usher called me and I smiled. 2h
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple "Hey ma wassup? You chill in with little Reinabear"He asked as I laughed replying with a quick "Yeah". "I need a favor ma?"He asked suddenly getting all serious now. "Okay shoot wassup?"I ask curiously at his change of tone an mood. "Justin seems to have lost a lot this year and I was wondering if you could come talk to him. He's falling in the wrong crowd,doing drugs,getting arrested. Maybe you should even bring Re-I cut him off. "Usher Justin doesn't even about Reina and I don't want him two. Not yet anyway. He might resent me for it."I finish. "JB would understand in time Trin,Just please talk to him. He might be closer than you think"He replied before hanging up the phone.

    Everyone knows about Reina besides the man himself I guess it is time he learns one of these day. Especially since that selena chick keeps fucking with his head I've noticed. "I wish he wasn't her father"I hear from behind me to see Drew moping around looking at me like a lost puppy. I smile weakly at him. 2h
  •   eliandclarethecutecouple I get off the couch and hug him as I run my fingers through his hair. "I know but she is baby and they both have to find out sometime okay"I reply smiling weakly at him.

    He looked at me confused before speaking. "Why'd your necklace light up? It's never done that before"He questioned me as I looked away from him and shook my head. "TRINITY I'M FUCKING TALKING TO YOU"HE Yelled making me jump as I swallowed weakly seeing his eyes turn dark. "I can't tell you okay"I whisper before I see his hand coming towards me. I run to Reina's room and lock the door knowing he won't follow me in there.  Days like this I wish I could leave him or Justin did know so he could protect me.

    My necklace lit up again but red. Justin felt love right now while I was feeling sorrow and hate for someone. "Justin what happens to us"I whispered up to the heavens. 2h
  •   typical_nani 2h

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screamqueensfoxx Emma in Ralph Lauren tonight at the#MetGala (Vanessa Hudgens in the back)
I'm in love with that shoulder slit, but omg I saw Katie Holmes earlier and she looked AMAZING. Everything about her was just gorgeous. Definitely my favorite look so far.

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screamqxeens x
'Chanel's Mirror' Teaser! @emmaroberts only 7 more days till the Fox Upfronts! i'm so excited to get more SQ teasers and promo. ♡ what's been your favorite teaser so far? mine has been this one!
#ScreamQueens #ScreamQueensFOX #EmmaRoberts #KekePalmer #LeaMichele #ArianaGrande #NickJonas #AmericanHorrorStory #ScreamRoyalty #StartScreaming

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