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_intheloop_ Yes, this. So true. ️ Lately I've been needing my friends more than usual. It's been a rough few months but particularly the last few weeks... and I feel overwhelmed. Spending time with my friends is an amazing distraction which I could absolutely go for. I've had friends say that they don't know how to be there for me, and that's probably how I'd feel too.
Illness is weird and scary and unknown and uncomfortable.
I'm sure everyone's idea of "support" is different...but for me, just sitting with me (sweatpants/pjs encouraged but not required ), maybe letting me vent a little, letting me hear about YOUR life, and then trying to act normal like I'm not sick. I get told over and over "you don't look or sound sick" which just shows where the term "invisible illness" comes from. One of the most frustrating things I'm dealing with right now is that I'm pretty much bound to my house lately...so as long as friends and family can handle coming to me, I'll take all the company I can get (I'll provide the snacks & coffee/tea)! •Tag a friend that has been there for you and be sure to thank them. I am especially appreciating @mcar313 today, my brother and best friend, for always finding ways to be there for me even though he lives 840 miles away (and it's not just because it's your birthday ). #bestfriend #bdaybro #bb4h #lovefirst #lovealways #bekind #compassionateliving #keepyourheartopen #beyoubravely #appreciatefriends #appreciatefamily #chronicillness #chronicillnesssupport #butyoudontlooksick #invisibleillness #spoontheory #spoonie #familyiseverything #friendsarethefamilyyouchoose #peoplehopetribe #peoplehope #honesty #EmilyJoyRosen

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emilyjoyrosen Agreed. The reason I believe it is so dangerous is it keeps us separate and distant. As she says “the level to which we protect ourselves from being vulnerable is a measure of our fear and disconnection.” It isn’t necessarily easy or comfortable to be vulnerable, but in my experience it is worth it.
In the end it is always worth it, and dare I say in these times, I believe it is NECESSARY.

So many of us are shutting down, withdrawing, pulling back and in. And I get it, I do. This can be a rather overwhelming world to live in. If you have been alive for more than a few years you have experienced hurt, disappointment and rejection. And wow, can that be intense. I don’t know if there is anything that can ever prepare you for pain. I am not sure if we are supposed to be prepared. And I don’t think it’s meant to be avoided. Pain can help us understand.
Emotional exposure will happen. It is not optional. As Brene says: “Our only choice is a question of engagement. Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose"

This I have found time and time again to be true.

Keep your mind open
Keep your heart open
Speak your truth

I think you may be surprised what you gift birth to. #EmilyJoyRosen #couragemylove #secretkeepers

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Hudson Sharing Hope Ministry
larianyr LOVE & Gratitude....Total awareness and completely mesmerized by this beauty. Reminder of the breathtaking wonders of life, of the beauty that exists out there, but even more importantly the inward beauty that's exists in each and everyone of us. #KeepYourHeartOpen #Forgive #EmbraceYourBeauty 2d

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shirleymhoskins How do you know if life is going in the right direction? WHEN THIS HAPPENS WOW! Still cant get over it #rainbow #ontheroad #leadtheway #keepyourheartopen #leadyourlifewithlove 3d

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lisa_marie2810 Just finished watching the movie "Miracles From Heaven". WOW was it an eye opener to how many of us miss even the smallest of miracles that happen every day around us , due to lack of FAITH!

Miracles can and do happen with an open heart and mind when you believe you bring it to life.

I have had many tough times where my faith was tested and belief in God was tested. But during those times when I did pray for a better outcome I always felt lighter and good things would happen.

It's when your angry and lose hope that you don't receive what is right in front of you.So I rather walk in faith and leave my worries in God's hands then to walk in fear. When you stop giving all your energy to fear the way you give the same energy into your dreams that's when you will see miracles start happening to you!


Keep your heart OPEN

Keep your EYES open !

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veruma_ Mantenha seu coração aberto! #keepyourheartopen #inspiration #regram @rmdrk 3d

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travelingforest Even the clouds are filling themselves with love. Fill yourself up first so your cup runneth over to those around you. Just love - it IS that simple. #lovelovelove #itisthatsimple #cloudart #bepresent #openyoureyes #keepyourheartopen #findthesymbolofloveeverywhere 4d

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firewoodpoetry Be gentle and a little careful darling.
The spark you love might be the sensation that spooks you.
And I've seen you try and smother it
with a controlling grip.
The thing you fear, you hold
and break.
Leaving nothing left to reach for.
Photo by @jaime.bean #keepyourheartopen #meetmeinreallife #reach

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