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  •   kingrainey 10.5-11.5 9mon
  •   skyechill Do you stay around Richmond,va? I have a couple nice kicks on those size 9mon
  •   kingrainey Nahha I live in Florida 9mon
  •   xx_jigg Omg How Much was those ? Did u buy them or order them ? 2mon
  •   skyechill @glo_mighty $150 and I bought them from someone I knew lol 2mon
  •   xx_jigg Ohh Okay .. Are u with them I wanna know where to get some 2mon
  •   skyechill @glo_mighty I can try to find them for you. What sz you wear? 2mon
  •   xx_jigg I wear a 5 or a 6 2mon

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