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haikulove This is me & my family when I was 6 years old ... & a poem I wrote for my dad ... Evanston Spring

It's as if I'm still
gently soaring
in that big
honey locust swing
that I liked so much

heart fluttering like leaves
rustling wind
through hair
delicate shoulders

dusty barefoot toes
reaching for the
exploding-sun sky
one moment

then curled beneath me
the next
cooled by shaded forget-me-nots
& zinias

yard lined with lilacs
shades of purple
& the white ones

swing shooting
over the cherry tree
I planted it from a pit

It’s as if
in these moments
outer world on mute
as heard from under water

all shame forgotten
all fear forgotten
& all regret
it’s as if
in these moments
all remnants of
disconnect erased

you stand
most generously
ever ready

to give me
the occasional push
whenever I holler out


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  •   _davidje Im so glad to see you back. I wish you the best. I wish that the divine source give you pace and love for you. 1d
  •   haikulove @_davidje Hi David! Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm surprised anyone remembers me. Much gratitude for the warm wishes. 🏻 1d
  •   _davidje @haikulove I guess we missed you. Your poetry and the power of your images. So welcome back. 1d
  •   haikulove @_davidje That's so kind of you to say. Thank you. 🏻 1d

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haikulove I have shared this photo with almost no one. The final hours. 1d
  •   haikulove @repinsk Rebecca 1d
  •   haikulove @battykitten Thank you, Cat. 1d
  •   faithmichael 🏼 20h
  •   haikulove @faithmichael 🏻 16h
  •   rmsherwood It takes courage to release this image, it possesses a sacredness.... I know, I have images of my late husband that are mine only. There's a reverence that exists that borders with sharing to, perhaps, help others that share similar journeys. The best to you and yours. @haikulove 15h
  •   haikulove @rmsherwood Thank you for your deep understanding. I've shown this photo only to a couple of my closest friends ... Here seemed like a safer place to reveal this (indeed) sacred moment ... &, in so doing, pay tribute to my love for my dad. xo 12h
  •   susetoo Beauty... 5h

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  •   vjv @haikulove I hope you decide to spend more time here in the future. 2d
  •   haikulove @vjv Thank you, Veronica. I've had to turn my attention elsewhere for a while, but honoring my dad by sharing his photos has inspired me to start making my own again. Thank you for the welcome! I hope you're doing well. xo 1d

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  •   sheldonevansphoto Good shot! 2d
  •   haikulove @sheldonevansphoto Both the series of flowers & the series from Egypt are all my dad's photos. He passed away recently, & I'm honoring & paying tribute to him by sharing some of his beautiful work. Thank you! 1d

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