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zoel23 If anyone else is doing the ice bucket challenge please feel free to do it on my lawn #justadbitdry #iseegeeen #hope 4w
  •   zoel23 @orte_80 noooooo don't show him. This drought is real! 4w
  •   edymonster My Neighbors LOVE me and would never call the police ... or else ( out side no shirt watering all mean looking giving crazy eye ) HAHAHAHA JK 4w
  •   zoel23 I'm apparently doing my part to conserve water. I win! the challenge! 4w
  •   zoel23 @edymonster I'm going to try it! Shirtless and mean looking watering my lawn. "What's up ese" 4w
  •   orte_80 @zoel23 he might just show up on your doorstep with his magic lawn kit to try to revive your poor lawn lol 4w
  •   zoel23 @orte_80 I'll start a new campaign Revive Zoe's lawn! 4w
  •   edymonster Ull have them dragging their water hoses from across the street using their own water LOL 4w
  •   zoel23 I'll start tonight! @edymonster 4w

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