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cristyle The bush that save my IPhone aka IPhone Crash Pad. #SIRIisAlive #InstagramStory #IphoneStory #IphoneOnlyLivesOnce #IOLO 4y
  •   nickngobangerz Lmao don't tell me you dropped it from the balcony? I know where you guys are at! Haha i need to hear the story 4y
  •   cristyle @nickngobangerz yes from the top of that floor. Look at my timeline and u will see the whole story. 4y
  •   sandramaepearl Siri is a true blue Jabba phone! 4y
  •   showbotz You should make a movie about that!!! 4y
  •   erikneguinhu Incrivel... 4y
  •   jjhayes Enjoyed the story! Love happy endings. Now show Siri some love and download Find My IPhone! 4y

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