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. 2014.12.18

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joseramosphotography .
"Abundance: The Fountain"
"Once more, standing alone in front of another memory, I harvest my thoughts from the infinity fountain ahead. The cycle repeats, as I find myself pulled away from the tedious life of today, feeling I could grab the source and remain there silently..."
José Ramos Follow me on instagram @joseramosphotography for daily photos of stunning places!
Location: Três Irmãos beach, Alvor (Portugal)
I made this photo some years ago (six years, to be more precise), in the Três Irmãos beach, in Alvor - Portugal. After one hour of search and 20 minutes waiting under a rock for the intense rain to stop, the skies finally opened to let the sun set in and show it's strength. The beach was absolutely desert, and the next 30 minutes were made of pure photographic pleasure... I came home wet and cold, but my inside was warm and soothed...
Exposure - 1/60 seconds
Aperture - f/8
ISO - 100
3 stop soft ND filter

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32min nori6942
Normal **Nori**

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sunnycrow On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me several pheasants and some mules..... 1h

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its75 -
‏كما تريد ان تكون جميلًا امام الناس
احرص على جمالك امام ربك ، جمالك
المخبئ في قلبك احرص عليه جيداً

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its75 ' سألتُ إلهي بعدَ حُزْني سعادةً
فلاحتْ لقلبي في السعادةِ أسرارُ

وأعظمُ سِرٍّ فيه للنفسِ راحةٌ
تسابيحُ يَتلوها الحزينُ وأذكارُ ~

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