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  •   kieranplim Well I have major respect for you and anyone who speaks a couple of languages and the fact you make the effort to learn English for a better experience in Australia is a big plus. I know I would do the same if going to France. But some people in this world choose not to do this and I see it as a major sign of disrespect to the people who live in that country. 3mon
  •   marl0ux @kieranplim I love english ! It was a game everyday to learn when i was in australia .. A kind of challenge ! Here people are lazy with languages , even if they go in Germany they will expect everyone speaking french thats ridiculous ! 😴 3mon
  •   kieranplim I like how you make it a game. That's a fun way of looking at it. Yep that is not cool when some people are just to lazy. Very sad. @marl0ux 3mon
  •   melanieantunes Moi je dis pars !!!! tellement magique 3mon
  •   marl0ux Si je pouvais @melanieantunes .. 3mon
  •   melanieantunes Ma pauvre ... Franchement si c'est vraiment ce que tu veux faut trouver un moyen 3mon
  •   marl0ux Je trouverai un jour ! @melanieantunes 3mon
  •   melanieantunes J'espère vraiment 3mon

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