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krrrk Long overdue. Thank you @erichannopo_ng for the tag. This is my #10childrenfrustration :

1. Being told you're doing something wrong but nobody want to guide the correction process.
2. Being grounded for starting healthy argument with somebody older than you.
3. Being told "no" on almost every adventurous effort to self-develop.
4. Don't look at that couple kissing.
5. Being told you go out too often.
6. Being told you don't go out more.
7. Nobody wants to explain what sex and puberty should really mean to you.
8. Being told it does not benefit you financially to pursue your passion on art.
9. Being looked down by store clerks.
10. Being scared to do anything without parental guidance.

That looks like top 10 list of complains that I have for my childhood and although it is, I do not regret being raised in the way I am. In fact, I am quite grateful to be raised in a fairly conventional asian family. I grew up knowing the limit of progressiveness. I think that is really important for teenager growing up. To my parents and all other adults who have built me the way I am today! #grateful

Tagging you all to #10childrenfrustration

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thefaultsinour_scars Wearing hijab doesn't stop us from doing anything. It's not a torture, its what makes us beautiful muslim women .
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