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sportsnutritionist Hey guys!
Did you know that you are only a click of a mouse away from having the amazing body you have always dreamed of?
Click on the link in my bio @sportsnutritionist for more info or, better, get on your computer and go to www.DrCharo.com

After the success I have had with my patients in Beirut, Dubai& Miami, I have decided to take online patients and with the help of my amazing team, we created an online clinic. All you need is skype, viber or an email and your strong will.
My team and I can help you with:

1- weight loss
2- gaining lean muscle mass
3- contest prep for athletes and body builders
4- questions about supplements and dosage
5- losing post pregnancy weight
6- workouts and meal plans to reshape your body the way you want it. What I need from you is to simply email me your favorite foods, your daily routine/schedule and a picture of how you want your body to look like. I'll meet with my team at the sports nutrition clinic and we will create a plan specifically for YOU. You get a diet, meal and workout plan. And every week, you and I meet to tweak your plan so your body is always in fat burning mode.
Say good bye to:

1- hunger
2- weight loss plateaus
3- slow metabolism
4- counting calories
5- eating boring diet foods
6- working out and getting no results

My plans are all in one plans custom created for YOU. They really work and are very easy to follow. This will be the only and last time you need diet and workout help!

Let me help you... Email me at info@drcharo.com or go to www.DrCharo.com

By clicking on the link in my bio

Don't worry, it's super easy! You'll see.
Hola amigos y amigas!
Sabían que todos mis planes son en español?
Pueden contactarse por medio de instagram o hacer clic en el link www.DrCharo.com allí podrán elegir el plan que mas les interese
Mi clínica te puede ayudar con los siguientes:
Bajar de peso
Embarazos Ganar masa muscular Ayuda con los suplementos Rutinas de ejercicios para alcanzar la forma que quieres en tu cuerpo etc... Siguen me en instagram @sportsnutritionist

Dra. Charo

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sportsnutritionist You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

Having a hard time stirring up motivation now that the summer is over? Let my sports nutrition clinic team and I inspire you to stop simply wanting to make a change and start doing something about it! To become my online patient simply go to www.DrCharo.com or email me at sportsnutritionclinic@yahoo.com

If you live in Dubai or Beirut call us for an appointment at 71) 961 962

For appointments in Miami call us at (305) 707 2551

Having a hard time stirring up motivation after an indulgent holiday weekend? Let this quote inspire you to stop simply wanting to make a change and start doing something about it! it's not easy, I know. But it's not hard either. With our help it gets easier simply because our diet and workout plans are tailored to your needs. You will be losing weight eating all your favorite foods. My patients lose 5-7 lbs the first week and none of them report hunger! This could be you, the sooner you start, the sooner your body will change. Email me now! ️Sportsnutritionclinic@yahoo.com

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sportsnutritionist Cake for breakfast? Sure why not! Got bananas?
Got oats?
Got 3 minutes?

Then this delicious healthy breakfast is for you!

Want the recipe?
Look in the comment box below
or go to www.DrCharo.com/blog where you can find all my recipes and more diet and fitness posts.

Alternatively click on the link in my profile @sportsnutritionist
Do you need to lose weight?
Do you need to gain muscle?
Need help choosing supplements like whey protein or a fat burner?

My clinic specializes in sports nutrition. We are the only full service sports nutrition clinic with personal trainers, dietitians, a chef and myself a metabolic doctor on board. We are here to help you with all your diet and fitness goals. Whether you are an NBA player like lebron James or a casual exerciser, whether you have 100 lbs to lose or simply want that 6 pack to become an 8 pack- email us at sportsnutritionclinic@yahoo.com, we can help you reach your diet and fitness goals quickly! You can also go to www.DrCharo.com

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sportsnutritionist This is for you Gaelle Lazy Girls' Zucchini Pasta with Alfredo Sauce and Toasted Pine nuts. All for 125 calories, 4g carbs and 17g of hearty protein, simple ingredients found in every home and you get a huge bowl, none of that bland diet food that keeps you hangry! Recipe in the comment box and in a print-n-go version at www.DrCharo.com/blog 9h

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Valencia Gharam Mahfouz

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