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justscreamlouder After reviewing video of an officer-related shooting that claimed the life of an unarmed transient on Venice Beach, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said he was disturbed by what he saw, telling reporters he saw “No extraordinary circumstances,” that should have led to the shooting.

KTLA reports police have identified the victim as Brendon Glenn, 29, a popular street person who was well known in the homeless community in the seaside town.

According to police reports, Glenn was involved in a confrontation with a bouncer outside of a bar Tuesday night. After police responded to the call, Glenn was confronted by the officers leading to a struggle resulting in the young man being shot.

Glenn was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

According to KTLA, video exists of the shooting taken by high definition surveillance cameras recently installed by the bar’s owner.

A close friend of Glenn’s described him as a “peacemaker” not a fighter.

See full article and video at rawstory.com

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bryann2213 Meanwhile, in Japan Mientras Tanto en Japon #Meanwhile Ellos tienen lo mejor #injustice #TaylorSwift #1989WorldTour 30min
  •   real_d.o En Asia siempre tienen lo mejor ¬¬ tienen cosas de Taylor y de EXO por todos lados. 20min
  •   bryann2213 cierto @real_d.o :c Llévame al #1989WorldTour :c 19min
  •   real_d.o Tu llevame al siguiente EXO'LUXION o al siguiente concierto en el Music Bank Mexico. :c 18min
  •   bryann2213 @real_d.o khé Cuando sea rico lo haré :c 17min
  •   real_d.o Cuando seamos ricos y poderosos lo haremos. :c 17min

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32min thedccomics
Normal DC Comics Photos
thedccomics Injustice: Gods Among Us! Great game I highly recommend on mobile and console! Tons of fun! #injusticegodsamongus #injustice 32min

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s13e58.sa Do you know that #Racism is detested in #ISLAM?
Do you know any Race is not Superior to the other?
Who is the MAN whose black SERVANT was Martyred in his arm like his SON (#ALI).. .. #IMAM #HUSAYN
Who is the MAN that he did not Differentiate between Black and White.. ... #IMAM #HUSAYN
Do you know his GRANDSON ;IMAM MAHDI
Do you know if IMAM MAHDI's Government rules in the united states , there will not be any differences
between black and white?
Do you know all the #tyranny and #injustice will be removed in the time of IMAM MAHDI Government?
Do you know that isis is the enemy of Islam and most of the people have been killed by isis (isil) are
Why does the #government of the #united #states stay silent in the face of #Imam #Mahdi's and Holy #Jesus' enemies?
We Hate Terrorism
We Hate isis
We Hate Racism
We Hate israel

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