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1906_1973 Crazy that this is where I spent like 8 years of my life growing up #Tacoma #Indianalolis 11mon
  •   grho80 What to the place? 11mon
  •   cecilikechanel You gotta understand where you came from, to know where ya going! 11mon
  •   cecilikechanel Crazy is all I can think about is your closet how we made that a slide, and how the other closet went to moms room, and those African outfits for Easter! 11mon
  •   1906_1973 Ya I forgot about doing a slide...we made that the set. Climbing to the top 11mon
  •   jazzipooh2cute I remember that house...i was there when yall dog bit sammy n ur mom n dad just let it go...n ceci n sammy had that pink barbie car...lol 11mon
  •   cecilikechanel I remember the pink barbie car!!! @jazzipooh2cute 10mon

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