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11mon d_a_i_s_y__
Normal Daisy Estrada
d_a_i_s_y__ You can keep him little bagger bitch from Vallarta#5 #hoe #homewrecker #keephim #skank #funny #imamilliontimesbetter #littleslut #vallartalife 11mon
  •   d_a_i_s_y__ What? @johnnyj_27 11mon
  •   stepharooonie Amen ! ^^ 11mon
  •   d_a_i_s_y__ Not really. I know what I deserve. He's the one missing out on his family and a good woman so why should it bother me? I'm not loosing anything expect this piece of lump that's been weighing me down since day one. @johnnyj_27 11mon
  •   kkapinos @luvleybones. You will carry your "stink" with you for the rest of your life. 11mon
  •   _ally_lopez @fnoemif lmao 11mon
  •   _ally_lopez I love you your too funny 11mon
  •   fxckn_lisa Omg haha ON BLASTT !! I guess them Marin boys don't know what's good for them. They love the struggle...Keep your head up though, your a good women with a good head on your shoulders, things will always fall into place for you ! 11mon

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