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1dxqueen -
I just want bae to already notice me. Thats all i'm asking for is that too much

Anyway this summer i get braids yeay i can't wait omfg this will maybe be a good summer idk but i still don't have a bikini body lool

I make the braids extra long because i always had short hair and idk why. DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO ALWAYS HAVE SSHORT HAIR??? noo ok

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lolyournot_harrystyles I forgot to tell u guys I'm going to sweden so i wont be able to post so much until monday evening #imagine #imagines #imagine1d #imagines1d #imagineonedirection #imaginesonedirection #onedirection #onedirectionimagine #onedirectionimagines #1D #1dfunny #1dimagine #1dimagines this was my 500th pic btw 12h

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hxrrysflop_ Part 9

I had picked my new floral crop top and one of my many black skirts to wear on my date with Liam tonight.
Was it a date?
I don't know, but I sure hope so.
I remind myself that I still hadn't shown Aiden my new clothes, but maybe he wouldn't care anyways.
I had also curled my dark hair and added a tad bit more makeup than usual.
I don't know why I was trying so hard to impress this guy but it was something with his eyes that made me go weak.
"Norah! He's here!". Luca yelled from downstairs.
"Let him in if he knocks!", I yelled back.
I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time before jumping down the stairs quickly.
Just as I was about to bend down to put my heels on, I heard someone clear their voice behind me.
I turned around and saw Liam standing there with a smirk on his face.
"Nice view you have here", he said and winked.
Luca came out from the living room again and saw my heated cheeks as I embarrassingly took my heels on.
"Yeah, it's pretty nice actually", he said, unknown of what Liam had actually been talking about.
This made Liam chuckle but he nodded so that it would seem as if they were talking about the same thing.
I stood up and pushed my hair out of my face.
Liam scanned my body and a small smirk found its way on to his lips.
"You look nice", he said.
I smiled and met his gaze.
"Thank you", I said.
We stared at each other for a while until Luca cleared his voice.
"Alright, not too late, she's got school tomorrow", he spoke to Liam.
Liam nodded and opened the door behind him.
I smiled at my brother and followed Liam out to his car.
"Be careful", I heard Luca say from the porch.
I rolled my eyes playfully and looked over my shoulder.
"Bye Luca". //MORE IN COMMENTS//

  •   hxrrysflop_ We got in to his car and he put the engine in motion.
    I looked out the window to try and see where we were going.
    I felt Liam's gaze on me and I looked back at him.
    He was playing with his lip ring while staring at my body.
    He didn't acknowledge my stare and kept looking.
    I chuckled.
    "Y'know you should probably look at the road before we crash", I said and turned my gaze to the window.
    He tore his gaze from my body and watched the road.
    "Y'know I could gladly take that picture now", he said and winked.
    I laughed lightly.
    "I'll be sure to remember that", I said and smirked at him.
    He bit his lip and focused on the road.
    "So, where are we going?", I said as we drove in to town.
    "Here", he said and parked the car outside of a small building.
    I looked out and rose my eyebrows in confusion.
    "A club?", I said.
    He got out and opened the door for me.
    I thanked him quietly and grabbed his offered hand.
    "You're over 18, right?", he asked.
    I nodded.
    "I am 18".
    "Good", he said. "And don't worry, they have food as well".
    I smiled nervously as we entered the dark club.
    It's not that I don't like going clubbing it's just the small problem of mine; I don't drink, and I have my reasons. 1d
  •   everyletter_ Mooooorrrrreeeeee 1d
  •   everyletter_ ur the best writer I've ever seen!!!!!!! 1d
  •   hxrrysflop_ Aww I doubt that but thank you so much!! @everyletter_ 22h

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