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izzy_fo_shizzie I just found out some disturbing information. Apparently, I'm not the center of the world? The humans had a daddy-daughter dance to prepare for and a 7th birthday party to throw for my human sister. They think this Izzy-sized piano they brought home from the party makes up for the lack of attention! It does not. I'd better get 3 outfit changes tomorrow! (We missed you, IG!)
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mister_quincy Thanks @__skyflakes__ for tagging me again! He asked me to post #10factsaboutme I hope my friends I've tagged will share theirs too!
1-I'll address the obvious, as seen in this pic, my little pouty lips and long eyelashes are my best features!

2-I've never met a person I don't like. I am super friendly!

3-I love all foods and treats my mom gives me, I am definitely not picky.

4-I am obsessed with feet, socks, shoes...the dirtier the better

5-I am afraid of stairs even though I have proven I can get up and down a step

6-My most embarrassing moment was last night when I ran into the glass deck door

7-My mom just noticed that I have two rows of top teeth (baby & adult) making me look like a shark puppy

8-I love attention and get very upset if mom is doing anything that takes time away from me!

9-I like to play tricks on mom, my favorite is to ask to be picked up and then quickly back away, making her chase me all over the place.

10-I love my family so much, even though I can be a handful they always tell me they love me and we make each other so happy

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wookiemom2 After a beautiful evening walk with Ellie, I finally asked her the big question and she said "Yes". (@heureuse826) #wedding #happypup 22min

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2h trizzz
Normal Justin Daniel
  •   kimdough One of the two sweetest caterpillars ever!! His brother left me with live scratches! 1h
  •   kimdough *love scratches 1h
  •   trizzz @kimdough - you're their fave! 1h
  •   kimdough Awwwww they make me feel so loved!! I can't wait to see them again. I also love that if/when you shave off all their fur, there's this tiny little dog underneath. They would make Buddy look like a monster 1h
  •   trizzz @kimdough - it's gonna be awhile! They'll be at the babysitter before I see you on Thurs! 1h
  •   kimdough Awwww man I keep forgetting that 1h
  •   trizzz 1h
  •   kimdough Well give them lots of snuggles from me 7min

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