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scottymcdonald Every December while I was in school my massive family friend group would head to Caloundra for 10 days. Hours getting dunked in the surf, massive Scrubs season marathons together, DNMs in the spa, fish and chips as the sun set over the beach, frozen coke and awkward but delicious hangs at this gelato shop. It's so nice to be back, now where's my Scrubs DVDs and a bucket of nostalgia? 7mon
  •   scottymcdonald @bethkeady uhmmmm what's the deal with cinnamon? IS IT COATED IN CINNAMON? I also feel like it'd be at its best warm, with some kind of strawberry jam thing going on??? Do you like jamball donuts? Is that a thing for you? 7mon
  •   bethkeady It can be. I dunno @scottymcdonald 7mon
  •   bethkeady I don't know if they actually exist or not because blaine had heaps in glee one time so im just assuming the cronut is a real thing @scottymcdonald 7mon
  •   lizkehoe995 Ohhh the worlds greatest debacle.. 100% voting donut because it is so much easier to make puns out of it #donutqueenout #gonutsfordonuts 7mon
  •   scottymcdonald @bethkeady oh man. I googled it. They like have icing and everything!!! And they're like stacked up. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THEYRE REAL AND THEY LOOK MAGICAL!!!! 7mon
  •   bethkeady Hahaha YES!! @lizkehoe995 Thankyou for helping us through this! Ps I saw your ode to the donut on insta once and it was the best thing I've ever seen HAHAHAH 6mon
  •   bethkeady OH YES THANK GOD THEYRE ACTUALLY REAL AHAHHA @scottymcdonald ARGH they literally look amazing urgh yummm 6mon
  •   lizkehoe995 Mwahaha why thank you why thank you @bethkeady the donut deserves the greatest amount of lyrical love 6mon

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