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Hefe Angus Diamond
  •   artdepot ll I had a sweet childhood! Oh... and a trigger finger :o) 3y
  •   angusdiamond @artdepot Great summation, brought back fond memories of my brother chasing me around with a shovel for an hour Benny Hill style because I put pins in his bed. I miss when the worst punishment for that kind of thing was having your $5 pocket money removed, even though it was worth at least $10 just to see some of that go down (like putting a crab in my sister's bathers). Good times, good times... 3y
  •   artdepot @angusdiamond ........ :o) 3y
  •   redermann @angusdiamond I remember when we were kids and my family was at your place. Alex and I had been on the roof of your garage, and when we finally came down and went inside your mum was like "oh, you're still here.." Turned out my family had already driven home. Good times, good times... (But not as good as playing Commander Keen!) 3y
  •   angusdiamond @redermann Haha that's great, love how mum didn't seem fussed at all ("oh, you're living here now Patch? Better set another place at the table then."). Shit yes Commander Keen, was thinking of him the other day really wish they'd make a movie - id watch it at least once. Ah, the good old days... 3y
  •   angusdiamond Everyone follow @bradesofglory . Can I have $50? 3y
  •   angusdiamond @bradesofglory Do your own shoutout so I know what you mean. 3y
  •   angusdiamond @bradesofglory Sorry man, I'm not really the shoutout kind. If I start doing them you'll be first on the list. 3y

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