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  •   sal_iam Thanks Jen! Me too. So much to see, so much to do, and never have enough time ;) @jeniamm 31min
  •   sal_iam Thanks Kit! I miss the place very much :) @milkkitlam 29min
  •   milkkitlam I want to be there. 28min
  •   jim917 Totally fantastic pict Sally... Foggy Golden Gate Bridge vs. brightful yellow flowers... The best! 27min
  •   shio2222s Beautiful scenery 27min
  •   sal_iam Hope you will enjoy the place too @milkkitlam 15min
  •   sal_iam Thanks Jim. Interesting to see the bridge from a distance this time... @jim917 14min
  •   sal_iam Thanks Shio san. Yes it is beautiful even in the fog :) @shio2222s 11min

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