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missranythang Can't wait til I finish restoring this wood & cast iron porch bench. After years of being neglected and ignored, she will finally get to serve her purpose once again, because not all things old and worn are useless. 29min

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sdharamr Meditation
by Warrior Woman
The sound of silence,
rings through the air,
as the sun begins to set.

With sight of the blind,
I sit in my thoughts,
on top this grassy hill.

The taste of relaxation,
lingers upon my lips,
as I breathe in and out.

The scent of purification,
flows through my lungs,
as my soul becomes renewed.

With the touch of clarity,
my problems melt like fire,
they're now dust in the wind.

In a world of pure solitude,
my soul was asleep,
but now has awakened. -Kelly Levy #ohtheplacesyoullcrow was all about the beautiful #warriorthree asana today. I read this poem and had to share it with you all Because it seemed to fit this moment to the tee. Thank you wonderful hosts for making this super fun challange happen! @monkeymix @arisyoga and @_nahaga_ Sam like this ? wheel- @dharmayogawheel #thedharmawheel #outdooryoga #outdooryogi #playfulyogi #goddess365 #bhaktigoddess #womenshealth #igart #igyoga #igfitness #igphotography #azyogi #contortion #crazysexyyoga #crazysexyyogi #dessertdance #Detoxyyobody #dontresistthetwist
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  •   nickyvb Ahhh SOO pretty!!! 27min
  •   monkeymix Ok woman this is the prettiest warrior ever!!! I love YOU 26min
  •   pdxlisa Just amazing. So beautiful. 19min
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  •   yogawithsherry Absolutely beautiful girl!! Love you 1min
  •   lovezuvi This is gorgeous Sarah! it's the goddess-y picture I was talking about! 48s

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Normal Enmaleen Z. Lopez

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missranythang With a little bit of paint and a lot of love, we can breathe new life into old things and and give them an opportunity to serve a purpose again. 2h

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