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Normal Rose Pablo

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abuhanifauzei Oh Allah, have mercy on us in the name of the great Quran,
make it for us a guide and light,
And guidance and mercy,

Oh Allah, make us remember that of it which we have forgotten,
Make us know of it, that which we have become ignorant of,
And make us recite it in the hours of the night and day,
And make it an argument for us, O sustainer of all the worlds,

Oh Allah! We ask of you the best whilst living,
And ask for a good death,
And not a shameful or embarassing return,

Oh Allah! We ask you for the best affair,
The best suplication,
The best success,
The best knowledge,
The best deed,
The best reward,
The best life,
And The best death.
Keep us upright,
Make our scale heavy,
confirm our faith,
raise high our status (in the hereafter),
Accept our Salah,
And forgive our sins,
We ask you for high positions in Paradise,

Oh Allah, forgive us, forgive our sins we have done, please.. Oh Allah,  guide us on the right path you love, we know we have done so much sins,
but you love to forgive, so forgive us for that,
please forgive us for the sins we committed in the past and those we will commit in the future,

Oh Allah, have Mercy on all the Muslimeen, and guide them,

Guide me Oh Allah,
and guide my parents,
my siblings,
my wife and children,
my cousins,
my aunts and uncles,
my nephews and nieces,
all my relatives and friends and so forth,

Oh Allah, I ask You to strengthen my iman and those around me,
I ask You to soften my heart,
and to soften the hearts of all the Believers,

Oh Allah, please spark the love of Islam in my heart,
and in the hearts of every single Muslim,
until it gets implanted in their children and their childern’s children and so on,

Oh Allah! We ask you obligation of your mercy,
And determination of your forgiveness,
And the peace of every sin,
And the booty of every reward,
And Winning Paradise,
And surviving from Hell,

Oh Allah! send peace and salutation upon Muhammad(sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his family, his companions and those that follow him,


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sushibooty Boy, you can call my phone at 4 in the morning...boy, you can ride shotgun every time I'm rolling... 23h

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39min akbhat2
Brannan Anjuli Bhattacharyya
  •   kebhatta MY SEESTER IS THE PRETTIESTTTT. Wish I could be taking a selfie with you on your bday 29min
  •   acal801 Happy birthday @akbhat2 😀😀😀 24min

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Normal Zaid Taqiuddin AlQusyasyi

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