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phillybobb Really missing winter wheeling today. #krawlr1 2mon
  •   phillybobb @fabulic To quote Ice Cube, it was a good day. 2mon
  •   phillybobb @fabulic haha 2mon
  •   phillybobb @karlcarlson its a great charity but Seven Slot's run is nowhere as big as the TaTa's event. I wheeled there last year. Plus I'm a little connected with SSS now after rep ping them at King if the Hammers back in Feb. 2mon
  •   phillybobb King *of* the Hammers. 2mon
  •   robertmroz @phillybobb I worked in KOP most of the winter last year. About a 45 min ride for me. I had several 2-4 hour commutes home. People without Jeeps should jut stay the fuck home on days with snow !! 2mon
  •   phillybobb @robertmroz Haha. So true. I work in Conshohocken. Only 15-20 min from KOP depending on where you were. 2mon

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