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Melih Cevdet Anday

Kuralsız sevenlerinizin ..sesinizi duyunca sevinenleriniz olması dileğim .. Sevgi dolu, huzur dolu geceleriniz olsun..
Cumanız Hayırlı olsun ..
Good night ..

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icu_usa • ★ USA Feature★


-Location: Buffalo, MN

-Photo by: @dreaming_big_mn --------------------------------
★彡 Please show your support to our
featured artist and visit their awesome
gallery for more outstanding shots

Selected by-
Mod: Carol @purlandknit

Administrator: Cindy @cmo2pink

Thank you for your loyalty and support, ICU
is delighted to have you share your photos
with us.

-FOLLOW @icu_usa
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Follow @icu_usa and tag all new and old
photos taken in the States with #icu_usa Be
sure to include the location of the photo for
the feature! We'll be featuring landscapes,
architecture, nature, water, portraits,
animals...everything great about the USA★

★ TEAM USA ★彡 Part of ICU
Globalization @IG_CAMERAS_UNITED◎ All
countries are welcome to follow @icu_usa

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15min tinopillu
Normal Barbara Pasero

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17min micheizzo
Normal Michele Izzo
micheizzo 🌍 Location: Copenaghen - Nyhavn - Denmark 17min

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Good evening icapture_nyc family and
friends! We would like to introduce our
evening capture! Congratulations and
thanks for tagging!


Take some time to look at their gallery,
and see more of their amazing work,
show some NYC love!

Photo selected by: @mflnnyc

EMAIL : icapturenycity@gmail.com

Please follow:
and tag:
for a chance to be featured!

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dave_dotson 2014 was full of ups and downs...I've enjoyed all of our interactions and have enjoyed some awesome times shooting with some cool IGERS...thanks for all your encouragement this year and thanks for all your love and prayers during the bump in the road I had, meant so much to me.
Let's make 2015 our best year yet...
  •   jose0051 Beautiful captures Dave 13min
  •   jo_sydney Excellent work my friend. All the best for 2015 12min
  •   inthe216 Love it! 10min
  •   levimorgan amazing work! Maybe we will cross paths in 2015 if you're in Pittsburgh! 8min
  •   syeed72 Beautiful post 6min
  •   guillemtz 5min
  •   ericag70 Fabulous ♡ 4min
  •   lialock Great gallery 🌞 49s

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liathparis_gf °
Every time I am looking over Paris, I think how dense this city is !!!
Too many houses, too many monuments, too many streets, too many people, too many things to admire, too big distances, too much culture and history !!!
Such a lively and vibrant city!!!
Maybe that's why I love it so much!!! I never feel that I've seen everything.....! I always have the impression there is a lot more to discover!!!
Good evening my dear friends !!!
  •   liathparis_gf @tmantho Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Τάσο μου !!! Αυτή η θέα στις σκεπές πάντα με μαγεύει και μου δίνει ένα αίσθημα ελευθερίας!!! 13min
  •   abn1a 10min
  •   liathparis_gf @e1ias_ Χαίρομαι που συμφωνείς Ηλία !!! Δεν τη χορταίνω αυτή την πόλη και πάντα την αγαπώ, ίσως επειδή έχω ζήσει και πολλά χρόνια εκεί...!!! Καληνύχτα σου! 9min
  •   liathparis_gf @tessoriol_gf Thanks so much dear Tess!!! Love the roof views!!! 8min
  •   tessoriol_gf And they are landscapes 6min
  •   liathparis_gf @tessoriol_gf You are right and I know it, but you see, in insta , it's rather waters and skies...! 2min
  •   hshumko Superbe!! 45s

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liathparis_gf °
Happy Friday to all!!!
Walking in the "Grotto", that amazing corridor with yellow glass panels and mirrors, in the foundation of Louis Vuitton !
An extraordinary architectural project by Frank Gehry, a spectacular and so impressive building !!!
@GF_Daily theme:

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liathparis_gf °
One of my last night shots..., looking to the left bank of La Seine, from the Conciergerie, to the Eiffel Tower!!!
This was a very special trip in Paris to me, because of the good friends, that made it a really happy time !
I would like to dedicate my photo to these great friends, without forgetting that it all started with IG!!!
Isabelle, @camanisa, Catherine et Alain, @caterinou @algolanie : on a passé un si beau moment tous ensemble !!! Mais l'émerveillement devant cette architecture si impressionnante, m'a coûté une belle et énorme grippe avec ce 39.5 de fièvre !!!!
I was so happy to meet in Paris, 2 great Greek friends, that I was admiring for their wonderful photos and way of travelling!!! Dear Stelios, @stylianno and Kostas @kostasicebar , I am so glad we shared some wonderful moments in Paris together!!! Τώρα, βασικά, ο Κώστας κι εγώ θα σε ζηλεύουμε Στέλιο....πολύ πολύ !!!
Et surtout, mon très cher ami Hervé @simonhs que j'ai eu l'immense joie de connaître "par hasard"...ou plutôt ...grâce à son bon œil de photographe, au beau milieu de cette ville bien-aimée, en rodant tous les deux près de notre ancien quartier!!! Et....dire qu'on était voisins à l'époque ...???!!!
It's a small world after all, and a lovely one when we care about the great "small" things that make us happier!!!
Good evening my dear friends!!!

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mon_g_men おはようございます

時間差でまたこのpicを @igscglobal さんにフューチャーしていただきましたー!!!
やっぱり#富士山 パワースゴいw

thank you!!!


#Repost @igscglobal with @repostapp.
******************************************************** IGSCGLOBAL Feature ******************************************************** Selected artist: @mon_g_men
Location: Shizuoka, Japan

A big congratulations to you for a fantastic shot and being selected as one of our daily features! Please take time to check out their gallery and show them some love!

For your chance to be featured you must follow @IGSCGLOBAL
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#master_shots #splendid_earth #big_shotz #hopepicture
Also visit:
  •   bulibuhui like 40min
  •   mizu40823 ‹‹\(´ω` )/››‹‹\( ´)/››‹‹\( ´ω`)/››キターーー‹‹\(´ω` )/››‹‹\( ´)/››‹‹\( ´ω`)/››五冠だね٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)おめでとう今夜はお祝いだね(•̥̀ ̫ •̥́) 25min

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