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wsalimi Decided to stop off at my cuz's in Tracy for his son's bday. A nice pitstop before my long drive to So Cal tonight. Uncle Waleed got some hops! Lol Jordan! Lol lol #IdontswimIdive #throwmeaNinerfootballandImnotlettingitdrop #Crabtreestyle #nicestarttoSaturday 1y
  •   wsalimi @2balicious Thank you . My other cuz snapped it, and he took such a sick shot. Perfect timing(and yes, I DID catch it lol) Baaallin! Lol 1y
  •   wsalimi @luvmyboys2013 What you know about this kind of fun? I get my exercise in the pool at times, not that hard stuff like hiking lol 1y
  •   wsalimi @19staynfly56 I swear cuddy, I caught it . It may look high in the pic, but that was it's peak. It dropped down after that and I snagged it like Rice lol 1y
  •   19staynfly56 @wsalimi fasho I was jus ducking around 1y
  •   19staynfly56 Lol 1y
  •   wsalimi @19staynfly56 lmao I know lol...but I have a reputation to uphold around here LOL 1y
  •   wsalimi @luvmyboys2013 Lol Well, my uncle in San Leandro has a dope pool . I'll have to take you to his complex sometime then 1y

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