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theinfopc You know that "We only use 2% of our brain" quote? Well, sorry to inform you but it is scientifically proven to be wrong.

Using a device called functional magnetic resonance imaging, neuroscientist can place a person inside a scanner and see which part of the brain is activated. #neuroscience

It turns out that we use 100% of the brain! Not 10% and definitely not 2%. Simple actions like breathing, clenching and walking around already stimulates ober 20% of brain activity and it just gets more complicated as different parts of the brain are assigned to perform different task.

The origin of this myth seems to be either from a misquote from Albert Einstein's "we are only using a small part of out mental and physical resources" or a misinterpretation of the work of Pierre Flourens.

So spread it around and be proud! "We use 100% of our brain!" Follow us for more fun facts! #infofacts

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  •   daryl_samuel Yeah, makes sense. We can only focus on/do so much at a time, so it's really hard to believe I have 90% and now, according to this post, 98% of brain headroom just there chillin', is absurd! 2d
  •   mia_eden Yah!!! Fantastic :D. We are brilliant beings!!! 2d
  •   soul_spy While the whole world has been blurting this "2%" brain cells usage, I strongly refused to believe that. Now that the scientists affirm my instinctive diagnosis. 2d
  •   dj_lightning_nyc do you know magnetic resonance imaging means MRI? Lol 1d
  •   theinfopc @daryl_samuel @mia_eden @soul_spy HAHA yea exactly guys. Our body is fully utilized! Its just up to the choices we make to enable practical efficiency! 5h
  •   theinfopc @dj_lightning_nyc Yup haha it is used commonly in hospitals. 5h

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guidigdin Não tem suvaco mais lindo que o meu . #NoShaveDontShame #ArmPits #HumanBeauty 2d

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