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easthealswest There is this awesome British woman here who has started a small informal after school education center for the kids of Manali.
Anyone can come and teach any subject they want so when I heard of it I dropped by. It was the coolest place. The kids had dice they had made with different asanas and would take turns rolling them and performing the positions. Every class begins and ends with chanting om and a small meditation.
I asked what they wanted to learn about and they said Canada and my life so I told them all about the country and my family and travels. I taught them some English and they taught me some hindi. It was a great evening!

Kids really are the best reminder of just what being human is. Every person that gets on your nerves, that has hurt you, that you are afraid of, was 4 years old once. We are all the same and we are all in this together.

Yes those are mice hahaha.

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  •   easthealswest Their website is www.omshantiomtrust.org they are always zeeking donations an volunteers. They also work in rescuing injured and sick animals. 1h

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