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hotchellerae We're about to hit LIVE on our #HUNGUP Livestream!! Head here now http://live.hotchellerae.com #HCRLive #AskHCR 2y
  •   gretchenkrall I missed it 2y
  •   lionchildlil so in love with drummer boy. 2y
  •   rachcake29 Omg I love u so much, why? Do u have to turn me on when your looking like that <3 2y
  •   reallylcme Jamie don't do that! I'm literally having a heart attack my little fan girl heart 2y
  •   maruxcx I LOVEEEEEEEEEE HCR 2y
  •   joicieeee Jamie looks good on his attire <3 1y
  •   janneke_spn 1y
  •   wutipear I miss Ian 1y

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