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iblamejared walking down ABL era memory lane tonight, well tripping is more like it, but right here, is the only Jared that could make me unfaithful to ombré Jared. Now, don't you feel better knowing that? Haha 😈 #jaredleto #thegoodoldays #nofighting #noletters #nodictatorship #noiamthebetterechelon #justthem #andus #hashtaghappytonight #2007 2mon
  •   mars2muse2 True 2mon
  •   zaynasadira Yes! I'm trying to ignore it. But I really want to go in on all these fools who want to keep drama started. And throw dirt on their name. I seriously thought about writing a counteract letter. But why bother? People who complain forgot almost every important detail to consider about Mars these days. 2mon

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