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pohaku_kai Aloha!! We are having a sale in our etsy shop!!! Enter the following codes for some ono savings!!! Mermaid20 -20% off $50 or more
Mermaid25 -25% off $100 or more
Mermaid30 - 30% off $200 or more

#happyAlohaSunday #savings#Aloha #beachy #boho #stone #sea #PohakuKai
  •   codygraner I like it. Hey if you're interested in saving money around town feel free to go to my profile and click on my link to our free app for your phone. We're adding new deals everyday all around town! You'll love it! :) × 3d
  •   ourlazylife Pretty! 3d

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yumiliciouszumba Boys are enjoying this beautiful Sunday morning in the pool #happyalohasunday #blessed #myamazingboys #sweet #brotherlove Happy March 1st! 3d

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kilinoe7 Yes, you are! Celebrate God's most magnificent creation today! You! #happyalohasunday #loveyourself #lovelife #youarefabulous #confidence #gravitas #ownit 1w

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kru_hi On the right, my daily cup o goodness.
On the left, my Sunday cup o GOODNESS!
Holds twice as much of the good stuff.

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ashlynkluis Sunday fun day with the family water was freezing but damn did it feel good first time ever touching the water since my dog bite accident and first time going down to see the falls boy did it feel good to actually swim again! another sunday again! #GoPro #Hero3Plus #GoProHero #GoPoleEvo #GoProHero3Plus #Hiking #Waterfall #Kauai #Hawaii #HappyAlohaSunday #QualitySucks #Swimming 2w

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Normal Mahalo Ke Akua Brand
mahalo_keakua Always #inspiring to see bredren helping strangers out at #KokoHead --- Help us spread #aloha by raising awareness about Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb 9-16, and you could win a #MahaloKeAkua Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Power Bank or #MahaloKeAkuaBrand Apparel! We will announce winners on #RAKday Feb 17
How to Enter:
- Each day of #RAKweek2015 we will post a pic that has the hashtag #RAKweek - Repost the pic with caption, tag & mention @mahalo_keakua - We'll announce the winners on Feb 17th, if you're a winner, check your DM!

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yeahyou_joshyboy The key to life. The key to happiness. Is progress.

Constant progress. Never ever stand still, always move forward! When things get tough, keep pushing forward!

The key to life does not lie in the material things you acquire, it lies in the feeing we get from these things. Chase this feeling, not these items.

Don't ever stop moving forward. Any step forward, small or large - constantly progress towards your dreams!

You will not always get what you want right when you want it. Keep progressing, have faith in the journey. Trust the process, trust yourself!

I promise you this - if you keep going, if you don't give up, the life of your dreams is waiting for you!

Don't ever stop chasing this feeling, don't ever stop chasing your dreams!

#Progress #NeverGiveUp #KeepOnGoing #ChaseYouDreams #LivingSuperior #HappyAlohaSunday

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captureland When I was in Brooklyn, my roommates were both from Hawaii. This one had a ukulele too. What are the chances
#Bedstuy #Bedfordstuyvesant
Everyone born and raised in Hawaii should either speak or be learning Hawaiian or owning and playing or learning the ukulele.
Or Go Plant and cultivate Kalo.
I'm gonna try harder to learn more

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Video Joshua Micah Bantolina
yeahyou_joshyboy We were all meant for greatness.

Every single one of us was put on this earth to do something amazing. To be great!

What separates those who achieve greatness, from those who fall to a life of mediocrity? The ones who achieve greatness simply believe that it is possible. They believe they are deserving of what they wish to achieve.

What is it that you wish to achieve?
What are your dreams?
Do you believe you can get there?
Do you believe you're deserving of everything you wish for?

You are!

The ones that are great have a burning desire to achieve their dreams. No matter what gets in their way, they run as fast as they can AT their obstacles, not away from them.

No matter how many times they fail, they get up and keep going. When people call them crazy and tell them it's not possible, they keep going. They never let others' opinions sway their dreams.

Don't ever let somebody talk you out of your dreams!

Whatever comes in your way, whatever obstacles you face. Don't let them stop you. Never let life get you down.

Get back up! Again and again. Life rewards persistence. Just keep going!

When you get there, it will be worth it!

#KeepOnGoing #DontLetAnyoneControlYourFuture #LivingSuperior #HappyAlohaSunday

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