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  •   katyaeyesout Thank you for the reminder! 4y
  •   ktcowan Have it taped, can't wait to watch!!! 4y
  •   juliebarber I saw this on but had no idea what it was....dang! Wish I had watched it! 4y
  •   amandaearnest This couple was unreal. UN. REAL!!! The whole time I watched the show I couldn't help but think to myself, "lunatics like these actually vote. Awesome." 4y
  •   yvette_vanessa What show is this? 4y
  •   chrissyhansen11 @yvettecampbell pregnant in heels. Pretty awesome 4y
  •   mateowarhenrawjers Ohhh snap digity your hash tags said it all 4y
  •   dawnlombardi No seriously I was dying!! I seriously wanted to punch fritzy in the nose! His poor wife--she looked soo worked by the end! My favorite show! 4y

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