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  •   jcosenzaa710 Can I buy this one from you as well? 1d
  •   hipmunkglass Yeahh I'll do it for $15 for ya :-) 22h
  •   jcosenzaa710 Okay perfect cause i want that one the other one I commented on and of course the dycro dabber. Could you also make me a pendant similar to this one, let me see if I can upload a picture or I'll DM you the picture 21h
  •   hipmunkglass I'm gonna make u an implosion dabber that looks just like the one u like bc Kyle the guy at my work had already sold it when I txted him to take it off the shelf but I got u, and I'll make it awsome along with your matching pendant :))))) it won't take me long at all!* 21h
  •   hipmunkglass And yeah if u can deff upload a pic of how u want it to look like* 21h

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