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  •   picsandpaints Wrong tag sorry should be #gf_daily_powerwednesday_001 4y
  •   softyatheart Beautiful! 4y
  •   theorangebox Cool sis! 4y
  •   picsandpaints @lauriepics @theorangebox Thank you for liking this photo! 4y
  •   brentwooddoc You captured those classic converging lines that teachers draw to illustrate prospective on the first day of class. Great composition. You mentioned lucky to shot it then,but it takes s good eye like your's to notice that 'good luck' 4y
  •   picsandpaints Wow, @brentwooddoc i didnt know that, actually I just point and shoot when I see scenes like this then just enhance. In fairness to this photo, I didn't have to enhance it that much, it already have those same colors in the raw image. I only adjusted the brightness/contrast/highlights/shadows then a bit on saturation. But thanks, your compliment meant a lot to me.. 4y
  •   picsandpaints @brentwooddoc and again was lucky to got stuck in traffic and had the time to capture this! 4y

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